Green Emphasizes Bye

For some reason, games surrounding the bye have been good to the Vikings. Although Vikings coach Dennis Green said he wanted to make it part of his plan in 1992, he really can't explain why his teams have been so good to this point going into and coming out of the bye.

Dennis Green's teams enter Sunday's action with an 18-2 record going into and coming out of the bye weeks since he took over as the Vikings' coach in 1992.

Even Green admits he is not quite sure why his teams have had such success.

"You really can't explain it," he said. "I think we emphasize it. I think it's a chance where you get a change in your schedule, a change in your routine. We set out to do that back in 1992, that if we could ever get ourselves to the bye and could make things go our way during the bye that we would gain two games.

"It became something we developed back in 1992 and it's really stuck with us, with the exception of one season. I think we said it when the schedule came out, we were going to be put to the test because we've never had to play at two playoff teams on the road, Tampa Bay and Philadelphia. ... The key now is that this is a whole new year, the 2001 group, and we're going to have to carry that water ourselves. I think our guys want to do that real badly and hopefully we'll be able to get it done."

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