Carter Getting Deep

Cris Carter is usually the possession receiver, running short routes, while Randy Moss is considered the deep threat. So far, however, Carter has been going deep. Dennis Green says there is a reason for that.

In past seasons, Randy Moss has been thought of as the Vikings' deep threat, while Carter has become the short-yardage possession guy. But that has not been the case of late.

In the Green Bay victory, it was Carter who caught a 43-yard scoring pass from Culpepper. So are the Vikings going deep to Carter by design?

"I think that people are playing Randy awfully deep," Green said. "He's going to have to be getting shorter passes, there's no doubt about it. Daunte got a lot of interceptions early in the season trying to get the ball to Randy deep.

"The way people are playing him, he's not going to be able to do that. I think he's going to make some big plays off the catch and run, and every now and then we'll catch somebody playing man coverage and get deep. Cris gets more single coverage, even though he gets doubled a lot too, but Cris is very savvy at setting guys up. He had double coverage, two-deep last week, but he set the safety up and broke by him. I think people also underestimate his speed and his initial quickness. That also gives him a chance to get deep. He's been getting deep since training camp."

McDaniel climbing list
Linebacker Ed McDaniel entered the Tampa Bay game 19 tackles shy of 1,000 for his career. McDaniel's 981 total tackles ranked ninth in team history, trailing Jim Marshall's 988 for eighth place. Linebacker Scott Studwell, who is the Vikings' player personnel coordinator, is the team's all-time leading tackler with 1,981.

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