Wong Answers Your Questions

From his interception for a touchdown to his thoughts on the Packers and Bucs games, Kailee Wong answers your questions.

What types of different volunteering have you done (different places, different things, etc.)? How important is volunteering and helping others in need to you?
— jadams
Wong says: I work with the Fairview University Hospital. Basically what we do is we take players there to visit. Also, around the holiday season for the kids that aren't able to go home around Christmas or their holiday, we kind of dress up as holiday helpers and give them various toys and gifts. That is actually Wong's Well Wishes, and then aside from that I'm also associated with the Muscular Dystrophy Association and help raise money for them.

Recently I took my 10-year-old son A.J. to his first Vikings game. It was so much fun to see it all through his eyes! He was particularly impressed with the size of you guys — a bit different than television. He wanted me to ask you what kind of exercise regiment you follow and if there are any foods you eat (or do not eat) to have so much energy. Thanks!
— Ametrine
Wong says: Obviously, we work out pretty much every day … whether it's running or lifting or playing basketball. In terms of food, obviously to be big you have to eat a lot, so I eat a lot but I try to eat good, healthy foods. Basically I stay away from all fast foods. I try to stay away from foods that I know are high in fat or low in nutritional value. In the off-season, I lift four days a week and I run four days a week, and then the other days I end up playing basketball or something.

The middle linebacker position that you play is supposed to be a very important position from a leadership standpoint. Is this true, and do you see yourself as being a team leader? Also, would you describe the interception play from the Green Bay game and tell me what you saw developing that Brett Favre didn't see. Thanks, and good luck against Tampa Bay.
Wong says: It's a position that you have to have the respect of your team, in terms of your calling the plays and having to make adjustments and change schemes. So it is definitely somewhat of a leadership position. You also have other good leaders on the team as well, but I definitely have to take on some of that responsibility. (On the interception) I took my drop and it was a half drop. I saw the back go to the flat … Brett kind of looked to the flat route first and it was taken away by O.T. (Orlando Thomas), our safety. He went to his number two read and kind of threw it and I was basically right there to catch the ball and take it in for a touchdown.

It appears to me that the D may finally be starting to jell. Tell me what you see that seems to be making the D finally jell as a unit as in the Green Bay game? You all seemed to be playing as a unit and not 11 separate people.
Wong says: Obviously, whoever wrote that in is somewhat knowledgeable and I think he said it all. The difference is just playing together and 11 guys executing. If all 11 do their job, then you have a sound defense. What happens when you start breaking down is you have nine people or 10 people who are doing what they're supposed to be doing, but one person makes a mistake and that's something that we are just constantly striving to eliminate.

The Packers just could not get anything going against you guys last week. It sure would be great to send the Bucs on their way out of the division with a loss! What will be the key factor in stopping the Bucs at home where they are so tough?
— Ametrine
Wong says: One, they're going to try and run the ball on us, there's no doubt about it. We're going to have to be very sound in terms of our gap assignment and also in terms of our tackling. That's probably one of the major keys for defense. Also, a key for both the offense and the defense is we have to make sure we win the turnover battle. We, as a defense, need to take the ball away from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and with that being said we'll be fine.

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