Studwell Shows Interest In South Players

Scott Studwell, the Vikings' director of college scouting, showed interest in a couple of South squad players at the Senior Bowl practices Tuesday afternoon. Find out who was in Studwell's radar and who other teams are looking at.

There was plenty of chatter and action Tuesday afternoon as the South took the field for their second practice session at the Senior Bowl. Throughout the afternoon, many coaches and personnel evaluators throughout the league were intently watching the players, with representatives from the Minnesota Vikings, Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers and others.

During this time, we had the opportunity to talk with Donnell Washington, the junior defensive tackle from Clemson, who declared his eligibility for the draft a few weeks ago.

Standing on the sideline, Washington is an imposing figure. Contrary to published reports stating the NFL Advisory Committee rating would impact his decision, ultimately Washington 's decision to enter the draft was based on self-evaluation, comparing himself to other defensive tackles in college. Washington began considering the draft at the beginning of the season and following a solid junior season, along with a discussion with his father, Washington made the decision to declare his eligibility.

Minnesota Vikings scout Scott Studwell came over and began talking with Washington , informing the big junior the Vikings scouts would like to meet with him. During the conversation, Studwell inquired about Washington 's teammate, wide receiver Derek Hamilton, who also declared for the draft. Studwell continually asked Washington , "How fast is your receiver?"

Buffalo Bills Assistant General Manager Tom Modrak was in attendance and offered some revealing thoughts on a couple players in attendance, safety Bob Sanders and wide receiver Michael Jenkins. Modrak noted he was a little apprehensive about Sanders, due to being perceived as a short and tight safety, but his thoughts have changed on Sanders after seeing him in person. While watching the wide receivers, Modrak noted that Jenkins, from Ohio State has been impressive.

Interestingly, the conversation moved along to Larry Fitzgerald, the Pittsburgh Panthers wide receiver that has declared for the draft, but may not be eligible due to the NFL rules prohibiting a player to enter the draft before the player/student has been out of high school for three years. The league is continuing to investigate Fitzgerald's eligibility before allowing him to officially enter the draft, according to Modrak. What surprised him the most is Modrak indicates as though the NFL was alerted to Fitzgerald's decision of entering the draft weeks ago and should've had the eligibility issue covered. Additionally, basing his thoughts on the rule, Modrak is of the impression Fitzgerald's graduation date will pose a problem.

Additional News and Notes
· Several teams were active interviewing players. The Jacksonville Jaguars spoke at length with tight end Ronnie Ghent, who also spent time with the personnel from the Washington Redskins.

· Redskins personnel also spoke at length with Dontarrious Thomas, Etric Pruitt and Ernest Wilford

· The San Francisco 49ers spent a good amount of time conversing with Dontarrious Thomas, B.J. Johnson, Jeb Terry and Bruce Thornton.

· Kansas City Chiefs scouting personnel has spent a significant amount of time getting to know every cornerback at the Senior Bowl. Today, speaking with Keiwan Ratliff and Bruce Thornton. Additionally, the Chiefs spent time with punter Donnie Jones, Jake Grove, and Tommy Kelly.

· Both the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins had the ear of Shaud Williams.

· Pittsburgh , Cleveland , Arizona , and San Diego personnel watched intensely, then spoke with quarterback J.P. Losman.

· Defensive lineman Matt Schaub spent time with the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots scouts.

· New Orleans scouts and personnel appear to like what they have seen of wide receiver B.J. Williams. Also, they spoke with tight-end Ben Watson and Kirk Chambers.

· The Detroit Lions representatives have kept a close eye on the receivers for a second-day.

· While speaking with the Houston Texans about his ability to play the 3-4 defense, linebacker Demorrio Williams was overheard stating, "A WIL linebacker's a WIL linebacker."

· Representatives for the Oakland Raiders made an appearance at the Senior Bowl practice and talked with Devery Henderson.

· Late in the afternoon, the Browns spoke with defensive tackle Chad Lavalais.

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