Vikings At Back Of Stadium Plans

With Legislative hearings ending today on 10 potential stadium sites, it looks like the Twins may have the state's ear, but not necessarily the Vikings.

The state task force looking into stadium possibilities are likely only going to increase Red McCombs' angst over the entire situation. After reducing the number of projects to get serious consideration, most deal with the Twins, not the Vikings.

Among the 10 finalists are proposals from the Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul for a Twins-only facility. Meanwhile the only Vikings-only stadium being considered legitimate is a proposal from Anoka County.

Two other sites have been mentioned as possible Vikings stadium sites, but both proposals are ambiguous. One from the Vikings' current training headquarters hometown of Eden Prairie has been left open-ended with the possibility of being a stadium for either the Vikings or Twins. Another proposal from the City of Burnsville deals more with land available than any grand plan to build a stadium.

The plans range from the understated to the absurd -- one proposal claims to attempt to build two stadiums with one roof.

The task force heard from potential site suitors yesterday and their work will continue today. After today, the group will deliberate to weigh the pros and cons of each proposal and rank them by feasibility.

The task force's final recommendations will be forwarded to Gov. Tim Pawlenty Feb. 2.

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