Culpepper to Have Nose Evaluated by Specialist

Daunte Culpepper is spending part of the first day of his bye week having his broken nose looked at.

Daunte Culpepper's day got off to a bad start and got worse, as, on the second offensive play, he took a punch to the face while being tackled and his nose broke in the last Central Division game with the Buccaneers. While it appeared Shelton Quarles was simply trying to make a tackle, it was also apparent he was adding a little zip to the end of the play, what had all the looks of a haymaker punch.

Culpepper had the nose set on the sidelines during the game and, following the game, it was swollen and discolored. He's going to see a specialist today to see if anything else needs to be done.

* Culpepper wasn't the only injury. Calves were the problem of the day on the offensive line, as Corbina Lacina left the game early with a left calf injury and David Dixon left in the third quarter with a right calf injury. The only other serious injury was LB Lemanski Hall. VU will update the status of all these injuries.
* In other injury news, Gary Anderson was forced to handle kickoffs because of a muscle strain by punter/kickoff man Mitch Berger.
* Nate Jacquet was back returning kicks because Troy Walters wasn't adequately recovered from his knee injury.
* The Bucs had 20 first downs before the Vikings got their first Sunday -- with 9:42 remaining in the third quarter.

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