Vikings Cut Henry Jones

The Vikings sent an expected message to their players during the bye week and Henry Jones was the first casualty, as he was released Tuesday.

VU had been told following the Vikings' humbling loss to the Buccaneers that Dennis Green was likely to make an example out of someone and release a veteran player to send a message to the rest of the team that shoddy play would not be accepted.

On Tuesday, safety Henry Jones learned he was that player. Jones, who had been starting at safety since Robert Griffith went down with a broken leg, was released and replaced on the 53-man by LB Antonio Wilson, who himself was cut when the team re-signed Nate Jacquet.

Jones was expected to be a stop-gap player until Griffith was ready to return, which sounds like it will be for the Philadelphia game.

The message was sent and understood as the Vikings return to the practice field to start their second half to the season -- get your job done or the team will finish it for you.

* VU is hearing a lot of rumbling concerning the release of Detroit OT Aaron Gibson. While the Vikings are interested in signing Gibson, they're going to wait to see if he clears waivers. If the Vikings were to claim him off waivers, they would assume his current contract. By waiting to see if he clears waivers, the Vikings could negotiate their own contract -- but are taking a risk that another team may look to sign him.
* VU has been told that the State Legislature is going to fire up a task force in the next legislative session to look into the feasability of building a new stadium in Minnesota. It will jump start the Vikings' internal lobbying effort, which has been on hold for almost a year.
* Corbin Lacina's leg injury is looking more serious all the time. Word VU is hearing is that the team is going ahead on the assumption that he won't be ready for the Eagles game almost two weeks from now.
* LB Fearon Wright was disanosed with nerve damage in his shoulder, almost the identical injury Robert Tate has struggled with this season.

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