Practice Report: Gridiron Classic-Wednesday

A big day of intense practice faced players at the Gridiron Classic on Wednesday. Every team has scouts in Mobile this week, some are more active then others, while a few even have general managers on hand. Several surprising performances came out of Wednesday's session.

One player, many are now talking about, is Allen Suber. The former running quarterback out of Bethune-Cookman has played receiver this week, and was very impressive Wednesday. Athletic, fast, and strong, scouts likened him to Antwan Randle-el after yesterday's performance.

Another receiver that stood out is Kendrick Mosely of Western Michigan. He's caught the ball well, and though not showing much speed, teams are looking at him as a free agent who could fill the slot of a fifth wide out.

Troy Fleming of Tennessee was moved to the North squad to even out the rosters. The triple threat fullback from Tennessee has done a little of everything well. Although not a "special" prospect, teams have been impressed with his versatility….. and so it seems Fleming has secured a middle round spot for himself here.

Von Hutchins had a tough week, but scouts have not written him off because he can run. He played it safe and was not very aggressive. The biggest concern about Hutchins is that he hasn't made many plays.

Maryland quarterback Scott McBrien had a good day and was accurate. He doesn't pass the eyeball test, but at the same time, did not make any mistakes behind center.

Zach Abron has been used at running back and fullback. Although he's more of a straight line ball carrier, scouts have been impressed with his toughness.

Overall, scouts are disappointed with the talent, and the fact they had to pay 300 bucks for film of the weeks practice. As we reported yesterday, agents must pay $150 to attend practice…. and it turns out the game is hurting to survive.

Randy Mueller was in attendance, as was Jerry Angelo. The teams with the most present are the Browns, Saints, Colts, Jets, Bears, Bucs and Steelers. Even though the talent is down, scouts are enjoying the weather, which has been great.

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