Is McCombs Ready To Sell?

With it becoming clearer all the time that the State Legislature is not going to contribute a ton of public money to building a stadium, Red McCombs may find himself at an impasse.

Red McCombs has threatened to move the Vikings out of Minnesota in the past. As we've discussed at length at VU before, the legal woes of uprooting the Vikings would make any move non-profitable -- not to mention nearly impossible because of a signed agreement with the NFL.

With the Vikings locked into the Metrodome until 2011 and the increasingly evident perspective that money won't be coming from the State Legislature, McCombs again finds himself at Square One. He can make a little money each year while his investment numbers go up or sell now and turn a profit of $150 to $200 million.

VU continues to hear rumors of the latter, as talk of Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor and an investment group taking over has again surfaced. This time they even have a front man in former Vikings G.M. Jeff Diamond to run the team.

Will McCombs sell? Not until he's convinced he can't move or get a new stadium. But a sale may be in the best interest of Vikings fans, because Taylor would never try to move the Vikings out of Minnesota -- something fans aren't as convinced of with McCombs.

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