2004 Punter/Kicker Rankings

The pressure is on Eddie Johnson to perform right away in spring camps, and the Vikings will either have a veteran free agent or solid rookie draft pick waiting in the wings in case Johnson doesn't live up to the challenge.TFY Draft Preview ranks the top six draft-eligible punters and top 10 kickers, any of which could be a Viking come April 25.



Rank Round Full Name School Year
1 6B Donnie Jones LSU 5Sr
2 7A Andy Lee Pittsburgh 4Sr
3 7C Kyle Larson Nebraska 5Sr
4 FA Mark Gould Northern Arizona 5Sr
5 FA Josh Skaggs Navy 4Sr
6 FA Dave Rysko Eastern Michigan 5Sr

Place Kickers

Rank Round Full Name School Year
1 3C Nate Kaeding Iowa 4Sr
2 7A B.J. Sanders Ohio State 5Sr
3 7C Scott Verhalen East Texas Baptist 5Sr
4 FA Nick Setta Notre Dame 5Sr
5 FA Kirk Yliniemi Oregon State 4Sr
6 FA Steve Azar Northern Illinois 5Sr
7 FA Tyler Frederickson California 4Sr
8 FA Josh Scobee Louisiana Tech 4Sr
9 FA Brent Smith Mississippi State 4Sr
10 FA David Kimball Penn State 5Sr


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