Dennis Green Addresses Media

VU was among the assembled media who listened as Dennis Green gave a State of the Vikings address Monday, stressing what needs to be done and ducking some key questions.

Dennis Green is forthcoming with the media in some matters and evasive in others. Both were on display Monday, as VU attended his Monday press conference.

Green, who spent part of last week in California with family, said many of the Vikings used the bye week to get away for a few days and spend time with family, but that now is the time for the team to re-focus its efforts.

While Green avoided questions about specific personnel issues concerning running back and defensive line, he was insistent on one point -- the Vikings will need to go 7-2 the rest of the way to make the playoffs.

Green pointed out that the Vikings are falling behind several teams, including Chicago and Green Bay in the Central Division and the Rams, 49ers and Saints in the Western Division. Since only three teams receive wild card bids, he again pushed the issue that it will take 10 wins to get to the playoffs. That said, the Vikings' wiggle room has run out.

Green maintains his confidence that the Vikings can right the ship, which he says will require more consistency on defense and improvement on offense. It begins with Philadelphia and will have to gain momentum from there.

* While Green ducked the issue of his plans for running back, VU has been told by other team sources that Green wants to get back to using Michael Bennett as the featured back, but will be willing to go with a time share with Doug Chapman until Bennett shows he can make the big plays needed to win the job back.
* There is some concern over the release of Henry Jones, who filled in for Robert Griffith after he went down. It looks like the projections of Griffith being ready by Sunday were premature and, with Jones gone, Tyrone Carter will be pressed into starting duty Sunday.
* Everett Lindsay was named by Green as the starter at guard for Corbin Lacina. Green indicated Lacina will be out this week and may not be ready for the following game vs. the Giants at home.
* On the good news injury front, guard David Dixon is expected to practice Wednesday and start Sunday.
* The Eagles could be a dangerous opponent, since they're stressing getting untracked at home. The Eagles are 3-0 on the road, but just 1-3 at Veteran's Stadium.

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