Vikes Targeting Vincent?

A VU source in Philadelphia tells us the Eagles are looking at the possibility of losing both of their starting cornerbacks to free agency -- and that the Vikings are being seen as the top competitor to sign Troy Vincent.

The face of free agency has changed in recent years, as many teams have taken the philosophy of not going after big-name players who are past 30 years of age. Instead, the focus of free agency has been to try to land young free agents teams believe are ready to become superstar players.

That is expected to drive down the prices of some marquee players like DT Warren Sapp, who wants a monster signing bonus, but may find teams unwilling to spend big because of concerns about his age.

That may be the case with Eagles CB Troy Vincent. While still viewed as one of the game's top cornerbacks, many -- including a VU source close to the Eagles -- think at age 32 he has just one or two years left at his current level of production. Because of that, teams are likely to make a much stronger run for teammate Bobby Taylor, which our source says potentially could be good news for the Vikings.

From what we're being told, Vincent is high on the Vikings' radar screen for just that reason. Other teams will get in bidding wars for the younger cornerbacks in the free-agent market or wait until the draft -- where the CB crop is as deep as its been the last few years.

Our source tells us the Eagles will likely make a push to keep one of their corners, but probably won't be able to afford spending big money for both of them, since the team's free-agent policy has always been to let aging veterans go away when the bidding gets too high.

The Vikings have had success with veteran CBs in the past, most recently a short, but solid stint with Dale Carter. So when the bell rings for free agency next week, don't be surprised to see the Vikings make a run at Vincent in hopes of curing one problem on defense.

* From the Nelson Muntz "Haw-Haw" Department comes this: For the last month, 49ers wide receiver Terrell Owens has done everything he can to promote himself as a free agent. He's made highly visible appearances at the Pro Bowl (although he didn't play), with the NFL Network and at the NBA All-Star Game. But, one thing he and his agent failed to do was file for free agency. With the deadline come and gone, there is a belief now that he may be forced to play another year for the 49ers, which would be sad justice for a guy who did his best to run himself out of town.

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