Kleinsasser On The Clock

The Vikings are making one final push to sign Jim Kleinsasser before free agency begins Wednesday. The question now is will they offer enough to get it done?

The Vikings have made no bones about how much they value Jim Kleinsasser. So concerned were they about losing him to free agency last year, they hit him with the franchise tag -- paying him $3.05 million to stay.

VU is being told the Vikings are making one final push to finalize a contract before free agency opens Wednesday, but, if that fails, it may be the last chance to get him signed.

VU continues to hear from Redskins sources that Joe Gibbs is prepared to offer Kleinsasser a big contract to join the new-look 'Skins, which may knock the Vikings out of the running. While the Vikes will continue to talk to Kleinsasser and his agent even if a deal isn't struck before Wednesday, they will not overspend to keep him. The same can't be said for Daniel Snyder and the Redskins, who continually overspend for aging veterans. The difference here is that Kleinsasser is at the top of his game, not a grizzled has-been, which could drive the price up even more.

While there has been a lot of talk from both sides saying that Kleinsasser is important to the Vikings and should remain with the team, the reality well might be if a deal isn't done in the next 48 hours to keep him on the Vikings, we have likely seen the last of Kleinsasser in a Vikings uniform.

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