Kleinsasser Signs, Stays

The Vikings came within hours of Jim Kleinsasser becoming a free agent. Instead, he's back in the fold with a five-year contract.

There was a sentiment around Winter Park that if Jim Kleinsasser wasn't signed by the midnight opening of free agency, he would be gone. VU reported a couple of weeks ago that Redskins coach Joe Gibbs was going to target Kleinsasser and make a quick move to get him once free agency opened -- despite wild spending in the nation's capital to get Mark Brunell and Clinton Portis.

Instead, the Vikings and Kleinsasser reached an agreement. He was signed to a five-year, $15 million deal that includes a $4.25 million signing bonus.

With the signing of Kleinsasser and offensive lineman Lewis Kelly, the Vikings have signed their own free agents they had targeted and, like the rest of the NFL, can now move on to sign other people's free agents.

* Is Mike Tice lying, being kept out of the loop or are the continuing trade rumors about Randy Moss simply fishwife gossip? At this point, who knows? A VU source in Miami has confirmed that the Dolphins are interested in a deal and some sources have put names to the rumor -- sending Moss to Miami for CB Sam Madison, WR Chris Chambers and DE Adewale Ogunleye. Tice has denied knowing anything about such a deal, which could either mean there's no truth to it at all, a deal is being brokered without any input from Tice or he's lying about knowledge of a deal. Until something more substantial comes through, you can take your own pick. However, as of today, Ogunleye is now a restricted free agent, which could kill any potential trade.

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