Winfield In Town

In the strange saga that is free agency, the Vikings apparently aren't willing to let Antoine Winfield go the way of Dre Bly.

Last year on the first days of free agency, CB Dre Bly visited Detroit with his next stop scheduled to be Winter Park. Aware of that, the Lions kept increasing their offers to Bly until he accepted -- canceling his trip to Eden Prairie. The rest was history -- Bly went to the Pro Bowl last month and the Vikings struggled with their cornerbacks.

Apparently the Vikings have learned from that experience. After it looked like the Jets had locked up Winfield to a six-year, $30 million contract with $10 million of that up front, he abruptly ended negotiations, got on a private jet and flew to Minneapolis to meet with the Vikings.

So convinced a deal was done, ESPN reported Thursday night that Winfield had signed with the Jets, but apparently something fell through. VU has been told that not only did Mike Tice make a pitch to Winfield, he got Randy Moss and Daunte Culpepper to call him to recruit him for the Vikings.

There's no word yet if the Vikings are willing to top the Jets offer, but, as of this morning, no deal is done with Winfield -- by the Vikes or the Jets.

* The defensive end crop got thinner when the Seahawks stole DE Grant Wistrom from division rival Rams. Wistrom signed a six year deal for $33 million with a $14 million signing bonus.
* VU has been told that the rumor train on Moss got as far as Oakland guru Al Davis. However, once Davis found out the rumor was more bluster than fact, he backed away after talking to Tice.

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