Russell Tops NFL "Payback" List

In an era of "dead money" and general overpayment, the NFL proved once again why there is only one professional sport worth having.

One reason the NFL has union harmony is because when gross inequities are seen, they are addressed.

So it was as the NFL -- and the NFL Players Association -- rewarded "underpaid" players through its PBP (Performanced Based Pay) Program.

Vikings safety Brian Russell, who earned a salary of $300,000, topped the 2003 list by earning an additional $114,000 in PBP pay. Cornerback Brian Williams earned an additional $80,000 under the same PBP plan.

Calls made to confirm or deny that Hugh Douglas owes $4 million to the PBP fund were not returned.

* VU has been told one more serious free agent signing remains. Our guess is punter Darren Bennett. He'll be spendy, but worth every buck.
* An unnamed Twin Cities newspaper plans to run a story on former U of M wrestler Brock Lesnar wanting to play in the NFL. Why? According to the story, Brock doesn't like the travel -- something rarely associated with a pro wrestling career that hasn't involved long car rides with Pat Patterson. With a "Hey, nice tooth" understanding of pro wrestling -- much less giving Lesnar free publicity on the eve of Wrestlemania XX -- it just isn't happening. Why? Two reasons. First, Lesnar hasn't played football since high school and (pardon the potential misspelling "rasslin' heads") his missed Swan Tan Bomb at last year's Wrestlemania would have left a lesser man paralyzed. Second, as Lurts (and the Rock and Stone Cold and a governor) has proved, wrestling is something you do AFTER you play pro football, not before. "If you smellll-el-el-el-OW! What the'."

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