Are Recent Changes Enough?

The Vikings were a fourth-and-24 stop away from winning the NFC North title last season. Have their recent changes been enough to put the team over the top?

For the typical Vikings naysayers, these last two weeks have been an eye opener. For the first time in franchise history, the Vikings spent big money to bring in a player from another team. They've backed that up by signing what they're convinced is the best No. 2 receiver the team has had since Cris Carter and added depth to the defense.

Is that enough? Many around Winter Park seem to think so. The feeling is that the Packers and their salary cap problems have stagnated and are on the way down. The Bears have a new coach and a new philosophy, which should keep them confused enough to be out of the money in 2004. While many think the Lions have already built the nucleus of a winner, they're still a year or two away.

So, with the talent already in place, the money to bring in more and the opportunity to make a quick stand to return to the top of the NFC North, the Vikings are in position to make their move quickly and, if their new additions combined with another solid draft pan out, we could see the Vikings become the favorite to win the NFC North sooner than later.

* Former Viking LB Dwayne Rudd signed with the Raiders Saturday.
* Look to see former Viking OT Todd Steussie sign with the Buccaneers as early as today.

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