Stringer Lawsuit Announced, Pending

When Korey Stringer died, Denny Green referred to him as being "like a son." In a press conference Thursday, Stringer's widow contended those remarks, filing a $100 million lawsuit against the Vikings.

Kelci Stringer is a widow and has a 3-year-old son who will grow up without a father. Still not exactly sure what happened in the critical minutes that led to her husband's death, she is still angry with the Vikings and, in particular, owner Red McCombs, who she claims has not spoken to her since Stringer's funeral.

She went before the media Thursday at the Airport Marriott Hotel to conduct a press conference outlining a $100 million lawsuit being field against the Vikings, naming several members of the organization.

Part of the reason for outlining the lawsuit now was to make clear her intentions before the retirement of Stringer's jersey in a ceremony at next week's home game against the New York Giants. She added, however, that the suit will not be filed until after the Vikings season, citing that she doesn't want the matter to be a distraction to players and coaches during the season, since many of them will have to give depositions on the matter.

Some insiders believe the matter will never make it to court and that a settlement will be reached, but, in a statement released by the Vikings Thursday, McCombs said he was "very disappointed" in the decision to announce the $100 million lawsuit. No others in the organization chose to comment on the matter.

* Dale Carter took part in his first practice Thursday, but no mention was made of him starting Sunday by coaches. The plan, however, is for him to take over a starting job within a week or two and will likely move to left corner. When that happens, Kenny Wright will move back to right cornerback, rookie Eric Kelly will move back to nickel back and Robert Tate will move to dime back and perhaps assist at safety.
* Two Vikings -- linebackers Ed McDaniel and Lemanski Hall -- were removed from the injury report Thursday. Both had been listed as probable prior to Thursday on the report sent to the league Wednesday.

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