No Pity For The Ravens

Don't expect to see the Vikings shedding any tears for the Baltimore Ravens, who got jobbed by the NFL and its special master in the Terrell Owens debacle. Less than a year ago, those same Ravens made the Vikings look ridiculous when good trades go bad.

The NFL's decision to let Terrell Owens' agent off the hook despite being inept sent some ripples through the pool that left both the 49ers and Ravens more than a little upset.

The ruling, which allowed Owens to go the Eagles, was great news for T.O. and for Philly. But for the other two participants, it came as a sad joke. The 49ers, who thought they had a second-round draft pick wrapped up as compensation, learned they would only get a backup defensive end. The Ravens, who thought they had T.O. and subsequently let new Viking Marcus Robinson leave via free agency, get a mere fifth-round pick as compensation.

In a somewhat hilarious public statement, G.M. Ozzie Newsome said the Ravens were convinced they had made a legitimate trade and their end of it was approved by the NFL. Sound familiar? It's almost word for word the first statement the Vikings sent out after their apparent trade with the Ravens on draft day fell through and allowed two teams to move in front of the Vikings in the draft order.

There is no pity for the Ravens here. Instead of having Byron Leftwich and T.O., they have Kyle Boller and Travis Taylor. Yikes!

* The Vikings are entertaining two-time Super Bowl TE Jermaine Wiggins as a potential backup to Jim Kleinsasser. The early feeling is that if Wiggins is signed, it will likely lead to Hunter Goodwin following D'Wayne Bates and Jack Brewer out Winter Park's door.
* The Vikings also have punter Darren Bennett scheduled for a visit. The big Aussie would be a huge step up in the special teams department and the Vikings are confident they can sign him.

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