Vikings Season Comes Down to Today

Denny Green has the longest current streak of consecutive seasons taking his team to the playoffs. That streak is on the line today, since a loss could bury the Vikings.

Denny Green has always been a man who states quite clearly that the Vikings don't look past a specific opponent and take the cliche "one game at a time" approach to football.

However, while the statement itself may be a little trite, it's never been more true than it is today, as the Vikings travel to Philadelphia to face an Eagles team that is struggling to make its own playoff return.

Green has never been one to speak at length about records of his team or other teams, but, following the Vikings poor start, he's done it several times. Why? Perhaps it's the first time he's ever had to honestly look at what other teams are going to do.

In his analysis, Green accurately depicted that Minnesota will have to 10 games to make the playoffs. Considering the four losses the Vikings have amassed already are all in NFC games and can finish no better than 8-4 in the conference, it makes sense -- suffice it to say a win over Detroit isn't going to help any tie-breaker situation and being the only team to lose to Carolina will certainly hurt if the tie-breakers fall to a common opponents scenario.

If the Vikings are to finish 10-6, they will have to win seven of their remaining nine games. Considering that there are still road games at Pittsburgh, Green Bay and Baltimore looming and home games vs. the Titans, Bears and Giants, a loss today would mean the Vikings would have to win seven of their final eight games.

Translation? The team better get it done today.

* VU continues to hear that Dale Carter is going to see action early in today's game and could be in on every down in the second half if he performs well in his initial appearances on the field.
* ESPN is spreading the rumor that the Vikings may be moving to Los Angeles. VU reported the curious timing of the "leaked" announcement that the Vikings were getting interest from investment groups in Portland and Los Angeles, but ESPN took it a step further, saying Red McCombs is willing to move the team and take his chances in court if the price is right -- something we have yet to hear even in the corridors of Winter Park.
* VU has heard that McCombs is privately crushed by the statements made by Kelci Stringer and her representatives concerning the lawsuit filed against the Vikings and that McCombs, who has always made himself available to the media, has taken a hard line of declining comment to everyone involved.
* Are the Bears for real? We'll find out in the next three weeks. Starting with today, the division frontrunners play Green Bay, at Tampa Bay and at Minnesota. Check back in three weeks and see if the Bears are still the top dog. We're not convinced just yet.

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