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Instant replay got approval for another five years in a decision that was influenced by a speech by Vikings owners Red McCombs.

With all of its failings, most teams realize that instant replay is here to stay. While Red McCombs was fuming over what he saw as a failing in the system when the Cards beat the Vikings on "The Push," he played a key role at the NFL owners meetings Tuesday.

The recommendation had been to make replay permanent. For several years, it had been a one-year re-upping of the system. The last time it was approved following the 2000 season, it got a three-year lease on life. This time, the competition committee was looking for permanent status, which had McCombs exerting his will on the system.

McCombs believes there are still critical problems with the league's replay system, but understands that fans overwhelmingly approve of the current system. With that in mind, he said the system should continue, but with some constaints.

By a 26-3-3 vote, replay was approved for five more years. The Bengals, Chiefs and Colts voted against the proposal.

* Replay Note I -- In addition to prolonging the life of replay, owners voted to add a third challenge if a coach is right on both of his previous challenges. For the record, the only coach to go 2-for-2 in a game last year was Carolina's John Fox Nov. 2 vs. the Texans.
* Replay Note II -- Tony Dungy's resistence to replay was reflected not only in the Colts' no vote on the issue. Last year, Dungy didn't challenge a single play -- taking replay out as far as Indy was concerned.
* As expected, the Vikings released Denard Walker Tuesday in what may have been the shortest press release ever. All it said was "The Minnesota Vikings announce the following roster move:" and below that was a tag line that said "WAIVED" and listed Walker below it. What a difference a year makes.
* In other owners meeting news, the league authorized continuing its master revenue sharing agreement for logos and licences -- everything from being an official league sponsor to TV contracts -- for 15 years. The vote with 29-3-3, with the Cowboys, Redskins and Dolphins voting against it and the Eagles, Bucs and Raiders abstaining.

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