April Fools Joke?

It's hard to get a read on the Vikings draft plans, especially since Mike Tice has made it clear to other NFL teams that the Vikings are willing to trade out of the No. 19 spot.

The draft preparation at Winter Park gets underway in full force next Monday, but coach Mike Tice made it clear that the Vikings may not end up picking from the No. 19 spot.

While some have speculated that the Vikings would move up in the draft to assure that they get one of the two best defensive ends -- Kenechi Udeze or Will Smith -- Tice made it clear Wednesday that the team may be willing to move down to get extra picks.

Speaking at the close of the owners meetings in Palm Beach, Fla., Tice said the draft is deep in talent and that teams that are close to being just one piece of the puzzle away from contention might be willing to give up multiple picks in order to move and grab the one player they desire.

Typically most trades of mid-round picks in the first round don't happen until draft day itself, because teams simply don't know who will go in the first 15 picks -- leaving the decison-making to come down once the Vikings are on the clock or in the pick or two preceding the Vikings' selection.

Considering their recent lack of success in being involved in draft day trade talks, the Vikings may want to be sure they have a deal locked up before they hit the clock this time around.

* In a significant ruling at the owners meetings, the practice squads were increased from five to eight on a one-year trial basis.
* Another rule put into the books is the result of recent end zone celebrations by wide receivers Terrell Owens and Joe Horn. A 15-yard penalty will now be called for group celebrations in the end zone as well as players in "possession of foreign or extraneous objects" -- a clear reference to Owens' Sharpie and Horn's cell phone.
* Cory Withrow is in Arizona today meeting the Cardinals staff and former coach Dennis Green.
* Several teams are apparently interested in Denard Walker, with the Bengals and Texans leading the charge.

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