Mixon Sentenced To 30 Days

The Vikings hope to have Kenny Mixon available for the team's post-draft minicamps, but that was cast into doubt as Mixon was sentenced for his third DUI incident in the last 16 months.

Kenny Mixon faced the music Thursday, as he was sentenced in Hennepin County from a conviction stemming from a November drunken driving incident.

Mixon was sentenced to 30 days at the county workhouse to be followed by 60 days of home monitoring. It is yet unclear whether he will be given clearance to make required team visits to Winter Park.

In addition, he was sentenced to 216 hours of community service -- a four-week, full-time judgment based on a 32-hour week -- and instructed he could work off the time by conducting inner-city football camps. He was also fined $3,100 -- earmarked for a panel that works to increase public awareness of drinking and driving.

Mixon admitted that he has had a problem in the past with alcohol, but that he is working to overcome the problem and that this verdict will make a change in his life.

* A broadcast report Thursday focused on Mixon's problems with the NFL now that his conviction is finalized. While some have speculated Mixon will be suspended for up to four games, the report claimed that Mixon wouldn't be suspended, but would pay a $500,000 fine to avoid the four-game sitdown.
* VU has learned the Vikings are preparing an offer sheet to present to Redskins LB Antonio Pierce. The Vikings have been targeting backup linebackers on the restricted free agent market. The team made an offer last week to the Jets' Kenyatta Wright, but the Jets matched the offer the same day.

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