Will New Turf Change Vikings?

The new turf at the Metrodome is down and ready to start getting used Monday as the Twins open their 2004 season. But some around the Vikings are asking whether the turf will change the way the Vikings approach the game.

For fans, the old turf at the Metrodome resembled that of the old school turf of the 1980s and 1990s -- essentially green colored cement that resulted in a host of injuries.

Starting tomorrow, those days are over at the Metrodome. A new synthetic field turf has been laid down and the Twins will inaugurate it at their home opener.

The turf is considerably longer and has both the look and feel of grass. The question now being posed is whether the new turf will affect how the Vikings do business.

When he was coach, Denny Green used the turf to his advantage, transforming the Vikings into a finesse, speed team as opposed to the old Purple People Eaters of years gone by. Mike Tice continued that trend, drafting players for speed.

But with the new grass-like field, will that change? Probably not right away, but the need for lightning speed may be reduced somewhat. It's going to slow the game down a little because it resembles grass that is close to requiring a mowing -- much longer than most synthetic turf.

While the plan is to reduce injuries and make the turf more pleasing to the eye, it could end up tweaking how the Vikings play the game -- which likely wasn't the intention of its inventors.

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