Lawsuit Against Moss Shot Down

A judge threw out a request Wednesday from a Minneapolis traffic control officer seeking punitive damages against Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss.

Ever since Randy Moss joined the NFL, he has had something of a chip on his shoulder. On Draft Day 1998, 19 teams (the Bungles did it twice) passed on Moss before the Vikes took him. Why? He had off-field baggage.

Some of it was his fault. Some of it wasn't. Since then, Moss has been a lightning rod for controversy. A water bottle incident with a referee in a playoff loss to the Rams made him a target. His baited comment that he'll wear a Super Bowl ring whether it's as a Viking or not following a playoff loss to the Giants made him a renegade. His "I play when I want to play" made him a villain.

So it was when the story broke that Moss ran into a female traffic control officer in Minneapolis, Moss was once again branded as the bad guy.

On Wednesday, a judge threw out a request from the traffic control officer -- Amy Zaccardi -- to seek punitive (i.e. cash) damages from Moss from the much-celebrated traffic incident that brought the two together. Eyewitnesses to the incident claimed Zaccardi climbed on top of Moss' car and, only when he stopped did she fall to the ground. There's no telling whether that factored into the judge's decision, but that portion of the sought judgment was thrown out.

The story of the initial incident branded Moss as the bad guy. It got a lot of play in the media. This follow-up likely won't. But it should.

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