Teams Jockeying For Draft Spots

With less than two weeks remaining before the NFL Draft, movement has begun as teams begin jockeying for position to get the player they want -- while the Vikes play the waiting game.

The NFL Draft is quickly approaching and, as the Vikings' war room gurus take a day off, the picture is coming into clearer focus.

The off-day comes on the heels of the Broncos moving up to No. 17 to improve their draft options and the Giants making little secret of their desire to move from No. 4 to No. 1 to get the rights to take Eli Manning.

While several teams are looking to move up and others are contemplating the advantages of trading down, the Vikings seem content to remain where they are and let the pieces of the puzzle start to be assembled before they make a move.

The Vikings were one of more than 25 teams that had a representative in Tampa this week to watch the workout of wide receiver Mike Williams. While most think Williams will be long gone before the Vikings get on the clock, the same was said about Randy Moss in 1998 and we know how that turned out.

The reality of the Vikings' situation is that they seem unwilling to part with extra draft picks to move up. Because of that, the strategy becomes waiting for whomever falls from their projected spot in the top 10 or 15 picks -- someone does every year.

Whether it's one of the top two defensive ends, a linebacker, an offensive linemen who can eventually replace David Dixon, another cornerback or a wide receiver. It's a strategy that has worked well for the team in the past and one they hope will work for them again.

* As they did last year, the Vikings likely won't be actively involved in bringing in prospects for personal visits. Over the years, most of the Vikings draftees have little to no contact with the Vikings before being drafted, and this year is likely no exception. Last year, the only first-round prospect the Vikings brought in for a visit was DT Jimmy Kennedy and, when the time came to make a selection, the Vikings passed on Kennedy to select Kevin Williams.
* Dimitrius Underwood is at it again. He's spending his Easter in yet another mental health facility after a incident in Dallas this week. Police came across Underwood on a Dallas-area freeway sitting in a stalled car. Attempts to get him out of the car failed and the situation escalated to the point that the officers shot balls of pepper spray into the car to get him out. He was taken to a mental hospital as a precaution. Somewhere Denny Green regrets calling him an extra first-rounder -- and could give those who currently make decisions on players to do a little more background checking before making picks.
* Randy Moss has begun working out after three months of rest for his ailing foot, which was diagnosed as having plantar fasciitis at the end of last season.
* Former Viking Robert Griffith could become former Brown Robert Griffith within a couple of weeks. His high cap number and the rumor that the Browns are interested in taking Sean Taylor with their first pick could be enough to tip the scales against Griff and have him back on the open market.

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