NFL Schedule Delayed

The 2004 NFL schedule has been teased to fans, but the final slate of games has yet to be released, as the NFL scrambles to get the job completed.

Trying to figure out how the NFL schedule works is confusing at best. Matching up 32 teams with home and road games while also juggling schedules for those few teams -- like the Vikings -- that share a stadium with a baseball team is almost as difficult as a layman understanding the NFL's quarterback rating system.

That job has been more difficult for the NFL, since the 2004 regular season schedule is delayed in its release. The problem of making a schedule work was made considerably more difficult last month.

The person in charge of the NFL schedule-making, Val Pinchbeck Jr., 73, died March 6 outside the NFL offices in Manhattan and, while much of the preliminary work had already been done, his successors are scrambling to make a schedule that fits using the formula already in place. We already know the Vikings open at home vs. the Cowboys, and the Packers meet the Panthers on the first Monday night game of the year, but beyond that, the NFL world has been put on hold.

VU has been told that the schedule should be released within the next week or so, but for those of you wondering why there is a delay from normal, now you know.

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