Chat Transcript: Defense Dominates Conversation

The talk in Friday's chat with TFY Draft Preview's Tony Pauline centered heavily on defense, just like the Vikings' draft is supposed to. Find out Pauline's thoughts on dozens of players Vikings fans were interested in during Friday's conversation.

vikingspub:: Hey, Tony's here. Welcome aboard.

iavikingmaster:: Welcome.

Proudhorn:: Thanks for doing this, Mr. Pauline.

kajjansiblackmamba:: Hi Tony, welcome and thanks for doing this.

FLVikesFan:: Welcome aboard.

TFYDraft:: Thanks for having me.

TFYDraft:: Well...why don't we start off by me telling you what I know.

TFYDraft:: How's that?

Proudhorn:: Great.

TFYDraft:: First...the player I hear the Vikings are targeting right now is D.J. Williams.

TFYDraft:: E.J. Henderson is going to start in the middle, which negates the need for Jon Vilma.

TFYDraft:: If neither D.J. Williams nor Karlos Dansby are available, they could very well go WR in the first.

TFYDraft:: They are looking to come out of the draft with one to two defensive ends, so look for them to go DE in the second and possibly third.

TFYDraft:: Second-day picks will center in the secondary, where they will look for a dime corner.

TFYDraft:: Also, a name that has surfaced as a second-day pick for the Vikings is kicker Nate Kaeding, assuming he is available after the third.

TFYDraft:: There was a belief they could go DT in the first day, but after signing Steve Martin a few weeks ago that is not realistic now.

FLVikesFan:: One question that's been on my mind is about the possibility of the Vikes looking receiver in the first...would we draft Reggie Williams if there at #19, and if Mike Williams slid let's say to Tampa at #15 do we have him valued high enough to make the move to get him?

TFYDraft:: FLVikes...I don't think they make a move for Mike Williams if they think Reggie Williams will be available to them.

iavikingmaster:: I think the Vikes will possibly pick Antwaan Odom with their first round pick. He's not quite rated high enough to go at 19, but what does he bring to the table to warrant being picked there?

TFYDraft:: As far as Odom....he's going to slide into the second round.

TFYDraft:: Teams see Odom as a big athlete with good speed that gives mediocre effort and just wants to pin his ears back and go after the QB.

rdhdviking:: What is the real reason Will Poole has disappeared from most draft discussions? Is it possible he tanked his forty time to fall out of the top ten on purpose? I thought he was a good cornerback.

TFYDraft:: rdhdviking...Poole is running again today. I was at his Pro-Day workout on 3/24; he didn't tank anything, he may just not be that fast. He was never considered a top 10 choice but a fringe first-round pick. He has a lot of off-the-field concerns (he was kicked out of Boston College), and after speaking with him at length during the Senior Bowl I can see how he rubs people the wrong way.

iavikingmaster:: Could Darnell Docket play LDE and would he be an option at 19 for the Vikes if some of the players you mentioned were gone? Also, he could be insurance if Hovan was to leave next year.

TFYDraft:: iaviking...Docket could play LDE in a 3-4 or two-gap system, but he would have trouble in a conventional defense at that position.

HissingBoomslang:: Have the Vikings mentioned anything as far as impressions of Rashaun Woods?

TFYDraft:: HissingBoomslang...the names I've heard are Michael Clayton and Michael Jenkins.

RandyMoss2002:: Do you think Jason Babin will be a first round selection, and if he is, could he be a possible selection for the Vikings at 19?

TFYDraft:: Randy Moss...I'd be shocked if Babin goes in the first round.

kajjansiblackmamba:: Of the player projected to go in the first round, who is the most over rated? And of those projected to go in the second round, who is the most under rated?

TFYDraft:: Overrated in round one? Chris Gamble. Underrated in round two? Ted Lehman.

kajjansiblackmamba:: Thanks.

vikingspub:: Tony, is there any chance Odom slides to 18th in the second round?

TFYDraft:: vikingpub...I think there is a real shot.

iavikingmaster:: Who are some of the other DE's that might be good players who could be had in rounds 2-4? Your personal favorites?

TFYDraft:: iavikingmaster....Nat Adibi, Shaun Philips, Isaac Hilton.

iavikingmaster:: Thanks.... i like Hilton.

HTownViking:: What is the possibility that the Vikings are planning to trade up a few spots for Udeze or Smith if one is available between 12-16.

TFYDraft:: HTownViking...Smith is a possibility if he starts to fall past 12.

HTownViking:: Thanks.

Bolstad79:: Do the Vikes have any interest in Vernon Carey or Shawn Andrews.

TFYDraft:: Bostad....They are pretty set on the line and won't use an early pick.

FLVikesFan:: What do you think of Donterrius Thomas and what kind of pro do you think he will make? Any chance to the Vikes in the 2nd?

TFYDraft:: FLVikes....Thomas is a terrific athlete and imposing figure. He needs to translate his classroom intelligence onto the football field. I think he'll be off the board by the 12th pick of round two and could be starting by the end of his rookie season.

FLVikesFan:: Thanks.

fellowa:: Will the Vikings trade up?

TFYDraft:: fellowa: If Will Smith starts to tumble it is a possibility. The Jets at 12 is the pick in play right now.

RandyMoss2002:: Denver moved up from 24 to 17 in a trade with the Bengals. Could they be looking for a LB there to replace Ian Gold, or will they likely be looking at an offensive player?

TFYDraft:: RandyMoss...Denver wants one of the two RBs or Mike Williams.

iavikingmaster:: What do you make of all of these ludicrous trade scenarios for Randy Moss, like the one currently with the Raiders?

TFYDraft:: iaviking....just as you said, ludicrous.

SuperGonzo:: Tony: Which of the big 2 DE's do the Vikes prefer. . .Smith or Udeze. . .and why?

TFYDraft:: SuperGonzo...Udeze since he brings a little more size.

RandyMoss2002:: Most mock drafts I've seen have the New Orleans Saints taking a LB at 18. Are they locked into taking a LB there or could they look at another position at 18?

TFYDraft:: RandyMoss...they will probably take a CB like Chris Gamble.

Bolstad79:: Are the Vikes looking at any of the FA LBs or are they waiting for one to be cut.

TFYDraft:: Bolstad...have not heard anything, but you have to ask Lane Adkins about FA.

iavikingmaster:: Do you hear of any chance of the Vikes moving their pick, either trading up or down? If so, what would the scenarios be?

TFYDraft:: iaviking...Again; if they move up it would most likely be to #12 with the Jets. The most likely scenario is a move down with either NE or KC. There has been mention of that but nothing concrete.

RandysRocket:: Tony, what do you think about Tommie Harris as a LDE?

TFYDraft:: a 3-4 as a two-gap player Harris would flourish in that role.

rdhdviking:: What is the perception of Mike Tice amongst young players? Do you get the sense most would like to play for him?

TFYDraft:: rdhdviking...I get the feeling they like him. The past two years Tice is one of the few head coaches I've seen at the Senior Bowl conversing with players on the field, congratulating them on good performances and just jawing with them.

RandysRocket:: Any chance the Vikings are quietly switching to the 3-4?

TFYDraft:: RandyRocket...they need a few more linebackers but Hovan, K. Williams and EJ Henderson are great fits in a 3-4. That said, I doubt they "switch" to it, rather implement it on occasion.

iavikingmaster:: I like Tommy Kelly in the 3rd or 4th for the Vikes to play LDE? Will he be a good pro and what round should he go?

TFYDraft:: iaviking...Tommy Kelly is more bark than bite...a lot of potential and marginal production. He'd be a good LDE but is going to be a 4/5 pick and you need a coach that will light a fire under his ass.

iavikingmaster:: LOL. that is funny. I think Tice could light that fire!

FLVikesFan:: Would the Vikes have any interest in a guy like Johnnie Morant or P.K. Sam in round three, and from what you've heard do they like either of these guys? If they do go with a wideout on day one, who is it you see them going after and in what round?

TFYDraft:: FLVikes...I have not heard they like either guy. Denver is pretty high on Morant. Both prospects are very risky first-day picks.

HTownViking:: Stuart Schwigert S from Purdue is projected in the 4th round, he is 6'2 and run 4.40 - 4.47 what is the word on him?

TFYDraft:: HTownVike...a guy that lived on his freshman production for the next three years....Purdue coaches always thought he should've been a much better player. He would be ood value in round 4.

TFYDraft:: "good" value not ood.

.Yuleluder:: what do you think about atoine odom in the 2nd round?

TFYDraft:: Yuleluder...Odom in round two would be a good pick-up but he is a guy that is going to need time and as a rookie. You may only see him on the field during third-down situations.

HissingBoomslang:: Have the Vikes mentioned "Batman" Carroll at all?

HissingBoomslang:: Lamar Bryant, maybe?

RandyMoss2002:: Tony, you think Hovan is a fit for a 3-4 D? Most think he's too small to play NT, and too stiff to play DE. If the Vikings do go to a 3-4, where do you envision Hovan playing?

TFYDraft:: depends on how you play your NTs; Hovan is so explosive off the snap his first step would cause havoc in the middle.

iavikingmaster:: If Reggie Williams was the pick at 19, would he be a lock to start his first year? .

TFYDraft:: iaviking: there is a lot of debate going on about Reggie Williams right now; some say he is going to be a star while others feel he will never be anything more than a second receiver in the NFL. I believe in the first and think he is getting lost in the shuffle and will be a very productive rookie.

Yuleluder:: Who would be a good pick to replace David Dixon?

TFYDraft:: Yuleluder...Regis Crawford late in the draft.

iavikingmaster:: What round will Nate Kaeding go in?

TFYDraft:: iaviking...he did not have a good combine. I still think he is a first-day pick and should fit in between selections 75-93.

Proudhorn:: Tony : so you don't think that Darnell Dockett at #19 for the Vikes would be a wise choice for DT?

TFYDraft::, they have enough DT's.

Bolstad79:: Tony: Junior Silvia or Igor, what do you think about these two DT. Do the Vikes have any interest?

TFYDraft:: Bolstad....not after inking Steve Martin. Olshansky needs a bit of work but has a good upside; strong, nasty and plays fast, but must learn the game. Saivii is also a solid athlete and a guy that could be a bargain in the second day but is a bit of a loose cannon.

HissingBoomslang:: Have the Vikings any views on "Batman" Carroll or Matt Ware? Or about getting a guy like Derek Abney late to be a return specialist?

TFYDraft:: HissingBoomslang..I have not heard of any interest.

iavikingmaster:: How do you think Nick Rogers will perform at defensive end? .

TFYDraft:: iavikings....the problem with Rogers is he's small and the Vikings don't have the big space eaters on the inside, which are needed to make him effective. Good pass rusher but a situational DE to my mind.

RandyMoss2002:: Where do you think Randy Starks will go in the draft? Most mock drafts I've seen have him going mid-to-late first. However, Mel Kiper has him as a late 2nd/early 3rd rd pick. There seems to be a wide variance of opinion of him. What do you think?

TFYDraft:: RandyMoss...right now in the middle of round two. If Chicago does not get a DT in the first they could take him in the second.

FLVikesFan:: Do you see the first round being a bastion of WR selections or do you think as I do that with so much available talent at the position that guys are going to invariably slide down further than most have them projected to go?

TFYDraft:: FLVikes...some will slide. Reggie Williams will slide further than expected and you'll get good value at the top of round two. As you eluded, it is a numbers game and only so many WR's can fit in the first frame.

vikingfan50138:: If we don't trade up and take the best player at 19, probably a LB, if Jason Babin is available in the second round would he be a good pick and can he contribute right away.

TFYDraft:: vikingfan...Babin would be a solid choice in the second; would immediately produce on special teams while they find a place for him to play on the field.

HissingBoomslang:: What is your impression of Uyi Osunde? What round do you see him going?

TFYDraft:: HissingBoom....3-4 OLB. Maybe late in the first day but round 4 is a better fit.


DenverVikeFan:: Do you think that after the embarrassing moments in the past two drafts, that the Vikes will just stand pat on the 19th pick and take whoever (best prospect) is available? Or will they try moving around on draft day, and risk looking stupid again?

TFYDraft:: DenverVikefan.... I hope for your guys' sake they have a complete strategy drawn up by this time next week.

iavikingmaster:: Are the Vikings happy with Brian Russell at safety or do you think they may be in the market for one in the 1st 3 rounds?

TFYDraft:: iaviking...the only thing I've heard is they will consider a nickel back in the first few rounds if a good CB is staring them in the face. There is a lot of good S talent to be had during the second day.

rdhdviking:: Is Kellen Winslow Jr really the best TE available? Is he a result of hype and Miami colors?

TFYDraft::, he is the best and will go early, then impact as a rookie.

iavikingmaster:: Any unexpected DEFENDERS who could slide unexpectedly to pick 19? Wilfork? Harris? Others?

TFYDraft:: Maybe Will Smith as teams are underrating him, but I'd be shocked at that one.

TFYDraft:: Okay fellas... a few more minutes then I have to jump to the Bears board for a chat.

RandyMoss2002:: Who do you think will be the better NFL LB, Jonathan Vilma or DJ Williams? I think instincts are more important than athletic ability in playing LB, and I envision Vilma as maybe the next Ray Lewis-type player.

TFYDraft:: RandyMoss...I agree with you. Williams is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Bolstad79:: What is your opinion on Claude Harriott, DE from Pitt.

TFYDraft:: Bolstad79…Harriott had a terrible senior campaign but could be a good DE if he gets his act back together.

TFYDraft: Okay fellas, I got to groove...good luck next week and make sure you subscribers come by our site...we've posted more than 1,500 premium stories/reports for you guys since the beginning of January.

iavikingmaster:: Thanks for your responses Tony...

rdhdviking:: Thanks, Tony! That was awesome, and blow smoke on the Bears board.

DenverVikeFan:: Thanks for stopping by...

kajjansiblackmamba:: Yeah, thank you, Tony.

vikingspub: Guys, just so you know we are trying to schedule another chat for late next week. Keep an eye out for that.

RandyMoss2002: Thanks, Tony! Been lots of fun.

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