Does Everyone Want to Trade?

From San Diego to New England, trade talks are swirling as few teams actually seem happy where they're currently pick in Saturday's opening round of the NFL draft.

The Chargers are on the clock with the first pick in Saturday's draft and, like many teams that follow them, are talking about trading.

Perhaps never has there been such a flurry of talks surrounding teams dissatisfied with where they're currently selecting in the draft. The Chargers are seriously talking about trading down. The Cardinals are at No. 3 and have talked about moving up to take Larry Fitzgerald. The Giants have been rumored to want to get to No. 1 and take Eli Manning or move up to No. 2 if Manning is gone and take OT Robert Gallery.

It doesn't change as you move down. The Redskins have just two picks in the draft, so they're willing to deal the No. 5 pick. The Browns and coach Butch Davis are so hyped about getting Gallery, they want to move up from No. 7. At No. 10, the draft-savvy Texans are looking to trade down. So are the Bears at No. 14. And the 49ers at No. 16. Denver has already made a trade to move into the No. 17 spot. The Vikings are talking about dealing down at No. 19. And the Patriots, who have four picks in the first two rounds, can package players to move up at any time.

Confused? Wait until Saturday. By the time all is said and done, as many as half of the picks currently owned by NFL teams in the first round will end up going to someone else. That's the nature of the beast these days in the NFL, and the draft has become a chance to target the one blue-chipper you covet and use the other picks to fill out a roster.

Like it or not, free agency has changed the draft forever, and trading to target one player is going to become more the rage as time goes on.

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