Clarett Ruling Affects Vikings

A judge's ruling Monday declared Maurice Clarett, Mike Williams and a handful of high school stiffs ineligible for this year's draft. While Clarett wouldn't have made an effect on the Vikings' draft plans, Williams most certainly did.

With the Vikings sitting at pick No. 19 in Saturday's first round of the draft, one of the tricks to figuring out their draft pick was to do a simple process of elimination. It was safe to assume the three quarterbacks would be gone, as well as two defensive tackles, two defensive ends and two cornerbacks. It was also estimated that four or five wide receivers would be gone.

While the number may not change, who the players are will, as USC's Mike Williams was declared ineligible for the draft along with Maurice Clarett and a handful of high school hardship cases -- dregs that included a fourth-string high school QB who also tried out (and failed) to get on American Idol.

The removal of Williams has an effect on the Vikings, because he was sure to be gone by the 19th pick. With him out of the equation, someone else will have to move up into that spot. While it might not have a major impact on who the Vikings end up with, at this point, the Vikings are hoping for more teams to move into position to take players the Vikings don't need this year -- like quarterback and, presumably, wide receiver.

* You can see the results of the Clarett decision, as well as the trade of Corey Dillon to the Patriots in our latest VU mock draft, which will be posted later today.
* Randy Moss may sit out the team's minicamp May 7-9. His plantar fasciitis is still causing him foot pain and he may end up watching the proceedings instead of playing.

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