Tuesday Night Draft Transcript

It was pretty much a game of 50 questions last night, as TFY Draft Preview's Tony Pauline gave VikingUpdate.com subscribers his views on numerous players, including his outline of the Vikings' interests in the first round and his predictions for the first four Vikings picks.

TFYDraft:: Sorry I'm late, fellas.

kajjansiblackmamba:: Welcome Tony.

SuperGonzo:: There's a Vikings joke that could be made in connection with you being late, but I'll let someone else make it. (-:.

TFYDraft:: Thank for having me back...it's gotta be a short one tonight as I am catching an early train to Philly tomorrow for a TV gig.

HissingBoomslang:: Cool.

TFYDraft:: My partner just came back from Minnesota and spent time with the Vikes radio people and some scouts, so here is what we know.

TFYDraft left.

vikingspub: Suspense....

mosstoss: Drum roll.

HissingBoomslang: *crickets*.

SuperGonzo: Well, they apparently know as much as we do...great chat, everyone! (-:.

mosstoss:: We missed our pick again.

HissingBoomslang:: HAHAHA.

vikingspub:: And the Jaguars select, Byron Leftwich.

HissingBoomslang:: Vikings select Kaeding with #19.

bdbviking:: And the Panthers select Jordan Gross.

TFYDraft joined.

TFYDraft:: First, the Vikings have Jon Vilma rated higher than D.J. Williams, but they are not sure Vilma will make it to their spot.

TFYDraft:: Second...if they draft Vilma, they will move him to the outside and keep Henderson at MLB.

HissingBoomslang:: Pretty much expected... OLB doesn't suit E.J.

TFYDraft:: Third...they are still considering using the first pick on a WR.

TFYDraft:: Fourth...they are more apt to move down rather than up. The only way they would move up is if Will Smith starts to fall, which won't happen as Smith is heading up the boards.

SuperGonzo:: So how much does Mike Williams not being included in the draft directly impact the Vikes' 19th pick?

TFYDraft: SuperGonzo...it actually helps them in the sense that had he be in the draft and fallen to 12 the Jets would've probably traded down a few slots to a team that wanted Williams (Denver or SF) then used that pick before the Vikes to take either Vilma or D.J. Williams.

SuperGonzo:: So it actually increases Vilma's chances of falling to us? Wow...never thought of it that way.

HissingBoomslang:: Rashaun Woods would be so nice... *sigh*.

mosstoss:: Evans as the WR?

HissingBoomslang:: Evans would be good, too... just hope it isn't Jenkins.

SuperGonzo:: No...Jenkins would be bad.

nokio8423: I like Reggie Williams.

nokio8423: But how about the Darling guy from Washington State.

TFYDraft:: nokio...he may not be there for the Vikes when they draft in the third.

HissingBoomslang:: Darling's my favorite Round 2 WR choice...since I doubt Rashaun or Evans would be there at #50.

FLVikesFan:: If Vilma isn't there, do you think that they would take D.J. Williams at #19?

TFYDraft:: FlVikes...yes.

TFYDraft:: Also...we are hoping (cross your fingers) to have a boatload of Vikings info Friday night or Saturday morning, and I promised Tim we would get it to him so stay by your computers.

HissingBoomslang:: Cool..look forward to Friday.

PurpleLemurian:: How far do you think Udeze will fall?

TFYDraft:: Purple...not past Buffalo, assuming Smith is not available.

vikes1162:: Tony, if they take a WR, who are they looking at, and with that said what do they do for DE?

TFYDraft:: vikes1162...Lee Evans or Rashaun Woods...they will have a shot at a speed rusher in 2 or 3.

mosstoss:: How about Demorrio Williams?

kajjansiblackmamba:: Any late risers/fallers you can tell us about?

iavikingmaster:: Forgive me for my tardiness all, Tony, assuming the vikes get either Vilma or DJ Williams in the first, wouldn't it behoove them to trade up in the 2nd to get Odom? What is the liklihood of this?

nokio8423:: Do you think WR Derrick Hamilton would be a good fit. and do you think we can get him in round 3?

TFYDraft: nokio...I know Scott Studwell likes Hamilton, I found out at the Senior Bowl. It would be a good fit as far as a third WR and return specialist, but he may have trouble as a true #2.

mosstoss:: Tony what about Ogunleye and Demorrio Williams.

mosstoss: Tony what about Ogunleye and Demorrio Williams?

TFYDraft:: mosstoss...Miami wants a first for Ogunleye. I like him, but don't know if I'd part with a first. Assuming they don't take an OLB in one, Williams is a good pick-up in the second.

FLVikesFan: I have still been trying to figure out the saints. Is it corner or linebacker, and if it is LB, which one is it going to be? It seems they have been doing a good job of keeping who they really like pretty quiet.

TFYDraft:: FLVikesfan....they need both, but LB is more pressing at this point.

mg427:: I really like Teddy Lehman. Any chance he will be available in the second?

TFYDraft:: mg427...I would be surprised if he is still available to the Vikes in 2.

chiefgoff:: Tony, any chance the Vikings will draft the kicker from Iowa, Nate Kaeding?

TFYDraft:: cheifgoff...they are considering Kaeding in round four.

vikes1162:: Tony, bottom line, Saturday morning will Williams and Clarett be in the draft?

TFYDraft:: vikes1162...well, with Ruth Bader Ginsberg now hearing the case, she could make Clarett eligible for the NBA, NFL and the NHL draft!

mosstoss:: What about Dave Ball? He is getting overlooked.

TFYDraft:: mosstoss...I don't think he is being overlooked. He'll go in the third round, which is where he deserves to go.

nokio8423:: Tony, how about Issac Hilton? Do the Vikes have any interest in him? And do you think he would be a good DE for us?

TFYDraft:: nokio...I have not heard an interest in Hilton. Teams are starting to look at him as a stand-up guy in a 3-4.

mg427:: Tony, do NFL teams project Tommie Harris as a DE or DT?

TFYDraft:: mg427...either a DT or a two-gap DE in a 3-4.

iavikingmaster:: Tony, what is the reality of the Udeze so-called "labrum Injury," and will he really fall in the draft?

TFYDraft:: iavikemaster…I have not heard the injury is affecting him, but I know for a fact Jack Del Rio was not overly impressed with his workout.

vikes1162:: Tony, in all of this so far, no mention of a corner as first choice, would that be correct?

TFYDraft:: vikes1162...I have not once heard they are considering a corner (now watch them take one!).

TheCrimsonKing:: What part of the draft is MLB Rod Davis out of S. Miss projected to go at, and have the Vikes shown interest in him?

TFYDraft:: TheCrimsonKing....Davis is a fourth-round choice and the fact they already have E.J. Henderson, who is a similar but better version of Davis, I don't think there is much interest there.

iavikingmaster:: How about Wilfork's eating binge over his honeymoon. Has he really gained the weight and will he fall because of it? And thanks for the Udeze response.

TFYDraft:: iaviking....Wilfork was fat all season. I went to Miami and personally scouted the WVU-Miami game in October. Scouts there were commenting how slovenly he looked and how he was "playing not to get hurt!"

mosstoss:: Are the Vikes looking at Ball? I know they want at least two DE.

TFYDraft:: mosstoss...I have not heard any major interest.

FLVikesFan:: How much real interest do the Vikes have in either Vernon Carey or Shawn Andrews, and if both Miami backers are gone could either one of them be the pick at #19 or would we trade down?

TFYDraft:: FlVikes...no names of offensive linemen have come up in the early rounds.

nokio8423:: I think Vontez Duff would be a good nickel and brings return ability. For the Vikes, do you think he would be a good fit?

TFYDraft:: nokio...I agree with the nickel for Duff and more so in a zone defense.

TheCrimsonKing:: Are the Vikings looking at acquiring a backup center in this draft or will they wait to see what shakes out after?

TFYDraft: TheCrimsonKing...it is a very weak center crop. The one name I've heard in the late rounds, from the agent anyway, is NIU's Todd Gilhani, a very underrated prospect.

TheCrimsonKing: Thanks, I'll look him up.

nokio8423:: Do you think Odom is an impact DE?

TFYDraft:: nokio...No. He's a good athlete that needs to turn the intensity up and become a complete defender, not just pin his ears back and rush the passer.

VIKING JEFF:: Tony, in reference to Odom, nearly every mock I see has him gone by the end of round one. Is it realistic to think he would still be there for us in round 2?

TFYDraft:: VikingJeff...I think so. To my mind and from what I've heard or the people I spoke with, he is being overrated on the outside.

VIKING JEFF:: Thanks Tony.

HissingBoomslang: Tony, like with Uyi Osunde, Caleb Miller is another guy I like in Round 4. Have you heard any talk about him?

TFYDraft:: HissingBoom...Both are more 3-4 type players -- Osunde at OLB and Miller on the inside. I like both, but each has limitations. To answer your questions, I have not heard the Vikes are interested in either.

vikes1162:: Tony, so if D.J. and Vilma are gone, and Udeze and Smith are off the board, in your professional opinion the Vikes' pick will be either Evans or Woods, would that be correct?

TFYDraft:: vikes...very possible or they will look to trade down.

vikes1162:: Thanks again.

TheCrimsonKing:: Who are the likely trading-down suspect teams? Indy?

TFYDraft:: Indy, KC, or Carolina. KC wants a DT, Indy a LB or CB, and
Carolina a CB.

TheCrimsonKing:: Thanks again.

HissingBoomslang:: Tony, Since Tice likes OL and has the ties with the Terps, has Lamar Bryant's name come up at all with the Vikings?

TFYDraft:: Hissing...have not heard that. Bryant is a late-round/FA type player.

VIKING JEFF:: I can tell you one, Grant Wiley LB WV. Smallish and a little slower than you would like but has great instincts and hits like a truck. Pretty good in coverage and he played against top competition against Va. Tech, Miami and started since he was a freshman. Tony, what is your feeling on Grant?

TFYDraft:: VikingJeff...Wiley is smart as hell and twice as tough but a limited athlete who may have difficulty in a 4-3. He's probably better off in a 3-4 where his area responsibilities are lessened.

viking692:: Hi Tony, do you see Antwan Odom as a first-round pick, particularly at #19?

TFYDraft:: viking692...from what I heard and have seen on film, 19 is too early for Odom. I spoke with Cowboys and Giants scouts at the Senior Bowl who think Odom is very lazy.

FLVikesFan:: Just want to throw this out there again because I think we are all interested in what real interest the Vikes have in Vernon Carey or Shawn Andrews. If the Miami backers are gone, do you think it likely they go O-Line?

TFYDraft:: FLVikes...I have not heard of any interest they have in early-round O-linemen.

FLVikesFan:: Thanks Tony.

fellowa:: Also, is there any way that the Vikes can get the safety out of Georgia in the second round?

TFYDraft:: fellowa...Jones should be off the board just prior to that.

TheCrimsonKing:: Any Gophers on the radar? Ben West? Thomas Tapeh? Ben Utecht?

TFYDraft:: TheKingCrimson...I know for a fact they were very high on Tapeh. I saw it at the Senior Bowl and combine.

TheCrimsonKing:: Cool, thanks.

mosstoss:: Why don't the Vikes feel Ogunleye is worth a 19?

TFYDraft:: mosstoss...I didn't say the Vikes don't think it is worth it, rather I wouldn't do it. I am not aware of any talks between Miami and Minn.

bdunnigan7:: So is it fair to say that the Vikes will trade down if Smith, Udeze, Vilma, D.J. are gone at 19?

TFYDraft:: bdunningan...I don't know I'd say "it's fair to say," rather there is a very good chance. Remember, you need two sides to trade.

nokio8423:: Tony, do you think Boulware would be a good fit for WLB. Do you know if the Vikes have any interest in him?

TFYDraft:: nokio....he'd be a very good fit and that is a consideration if they trade down.

HissingBoomslang:: Tony, has "Batman" Carroll's name come up at all with the Vikes?

TFYDraft:: HissingBoomm...the Steelers will probably grab him in the second.

HissingBoomslang:: Thanks (He'd be a nice pick for the Steelers).

TheCrimsonKing:: On the SDSU note, is Shoate going to be drafted in the late rounds?

TFYDraft:: CrimsonKing...outside shot.

TheCrimsonKing:: Thanks.

viking692:: One more, I have heard rumors that we are watching what happens before the Jets pick. Do you think they will really trade with us after Winfield?

TFYDraft:: viking692...I think that has no effect on a trade.

viking692:: OK, thought they might hold a grudge and jack up the compensation.

mosstoss:: Do you see us trading picks with the Steelers for one of the DEs, Smith or Udeze?

TFYDraft:: mosstoss...it depends if any of the QBs are still available.

VIKING JEFF:: Tony, how far will the Vikes be willing to take BPA philosophy in every round? I for one hope they continue to draft like last year and if we don't get the DE then go after Brackens or OA from Miami after the draft. Thoughts?

TFYDraft:: VikingJeff...I think they will continue that within reason.

FLVikesFan:: Tice and Studwell have made reference to ONE player that they would trade up for. Do you have an idea who it is and roughly at what spot they would try to pull the trigger on such a deal?

TFYDraft:: FLVikes...Will Smith if he falls to pick 12/13.

viking692:: I hope that happens FLVikes.

FLVikesFan:: Thanks...now lets just hope that if he does we can get a deal done, and before the clock runs out. God, that would suck to have happen again!

bdbviking:: Tony, What do you think of Colby Bockwoldt?

TFYDraft:: bdviking...solid weakside backer. Needs to get a little bigger and stronger.

bdbviking:: Tony, 3rd or 4th round for Colby?

TFYDraft:: bdviking...later, more like 5/6.

nokio8423:: There really isn't any dominant DE in this draft, is there? Are there any potential ones?

TFYDraft:: nokio...no franchise type DEs.

viking692:: I have seen Udeze falling down some mocks. Do you rate Smith higher?

TFYDraft:: viking692...I have always thought Will Smith was the most underrated defensive player in the draft (and said so during an interview you can find on the Ohio State site tonight!).

viking692:: Me too, but shhhh, don't let the other teams know!

TheCrimsonKing:: Has Philip Rivers climbed past Ben Roethlisberger at this point, and who will be the third team to go for a QB?

TFYDraft:: TheCrimsonKing...he's climbed past him in the sense that he'll be drafted before Roethlisberger. Ben is still looked upon as the best long-term QB, but when you have guys like Schottenheimer and Ernie Acorsie, who must win now, they have to take the sure thing that will give immediate gains.

TheCrimsonKing:: Thanks.

mosstoss:: Tony, do the Vikes show interest in Samie Parker?

TFYDraft:: mosstoss...have not heard it, but that would be a real good fit.

iavikingmaster:: Tony, Bennie Sapp. He was a Hawkeye a couple years ago. Thought he was a pretty good corner. He's a relative of Warren Sapp. Is he going to be drafted or a FA?

TFYDraft:: Someone asked about Benny Sapp...Never took off or really improved. Marginal size/speed numbers and likes his beer a little too much.

bdbviking:: Who doesn't like their beer?

FLVikesFan:: So in five years, then, he will look like Warren too.

TheCrimsonKing:: Any interest in the DE Johnson from Delaware late, and will he make it in the NFL?

TFYDraft:: TheCrimsonKing...Shawn Johnson had a major shoulder operation and won't be ready until early summer. He's dropping.

TheCrimsonKing:: Thanks, that's too bad.

kajjansiblackmamba:: Any late risers/fallers you can tell us about Tony?

TFYDraft:: kajjanis…Riser: Darion Scott, Will Smith, Lee Evans and Ricardo Colclough. Sliders: Shawn Andrews, Reggie Williams and Tommie Harris.

kajjansiblackmamba:: Thanks.

vikingfan52:: I came on late, who is your pick the Vikes will take at 19?

TFYDraft:: viking52...D.J. Williams.

nokio8423:: Tony, if Reggie Williams somehow fell to 19, would the Vikes take him?

TFYDraft:: nokio...I think they want more speed..

HissingBoomslang:: With Mike Williams out now, I find it even more unlikely that Reggie is there at #19. I'd be surprised.

TFYDraft:: hissingboom...I agree: SF@16.

Bolstad79:: What is the News on Udeze?

TFYDraft:: Bolstad...not too many people were impressed with his workout (26 reps, 4.75-40).

TheCrimsonKing:: Can Igor Olshanksy play end, and is he an option for the Vikes?

TFYDraft:: The Crimson King...not in a 4-3..

TFYDraft:: Okay, last one...Vikes' first four picks.

TFYDraft:: First Round...D.J. Williams.

TFYDraft:: Second Round...Darion Scott.

TFYDraft:: Third Round....Bernard Berrian/WR/Fresno.

HissingBoomslang:: Bernard Berrian would be a SWEET pick in Round 3.

TheCrimsonKing:: Berrian is a great pickup if we can get him.

HissingBoomslang:: Great for the return game as well.

TFYDraft:: Fouth round...Travell Wharton, G/T from South Carolina.

mosstoss:: Thanks Tony.

viking692:: Awesome draft if it comes true. Thanks Tony!

vikes1162:: I could live with that.

TFYDraft:: OK, fellas, I got to go.

TheCrimsonKing:: Bye, Thanks.

vikingspub:: Thanks so much Tony!.

kajjansiblackmamba:: Thanks for sparing your time, Tony. Safe journey to Philly. .

TFYDraft: If you have got DirectTV, you can see my ugly mug on Comcast tomorrow night and channel 629 on Thursday night.

vikes1162: Have a cheesesteak on me.

TFYDraft: Remember, cross your fingers as we've been promised some good Viking info before the draft.

TFYDraft: Sorry...as we speak, Comcast is running it Thursday at 11 p.m. and Friday 7 p.m. and Baltimore 10:30 p.m. Thursday.

TheCrimsonKing: That was some good stuff.

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