Scott Frustrated By Slide

Defensive lineman Darrion Scott is convinced that his shoulder injury kept him on the board until the third round. Now he'll compete for a rotational spot on the Vikings roster.

One of the most analyzed aspects of NFL teams looking at a prospect is his injury history. A player with all the talent in the world can get a bum rap because of injuries.

Defensive end Darrion Scott can identify with those woes. Projected as an early second-rounder based on his talent (many rankings had him third behind Kenechi Udeze and Will Smith), his fall deep into the third round was frustrating – and he knew his shoulder problems were to blame.

"I had an idea it might affect (my draft status), but I thought I was going to go long before this," Scott told VU. "I've never missed a game because of my shoulder. That's what was so frustrating about the situation."

Compounding his problem was that anxious family and friends were calling his house all afternoon to hear news.

"You're waiting for a call and everyone is calling and it's not (an NFL team)," Scott said. "I was checking the caller I.D. and looking for something – and out of area or something saying Minnesota on it. I was glad when it finally came."

Although the wait was long, it did nothing to diminish his chances of making the team. Thanks to experience at both tackle and end at Ohio State, he has faced some of the top offensive linemen in the country and is ready to bring that same mean streak he developed at OSU to the Vikings – where he will be fighting with veterans Chuck Wiley and Billy Lyon for a roster spot. In the end, he's convinced his versatility will be in his favor during training camp.

"I bring a lot of versatility having played both inside and outside," Scott said. "I could be inside on third down and outside on first and second down or vice versa. It helps to be an every-down player."

While that may not happen this season, the Vikings are convinced that they found a gem in the third round and a player who could end up playing a valuable role in the rebuilding of the team's defense.

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