Nat Dorsey Scouting Report

Nat Dorsey was expected to go much earlier in the draft. Instead, the Vikings got an offensive lineman with a lot of upside in the fourth round. See what TFY Draft Preview thinks of him.

Name: Nat Dorsey School: Georgia Tech Year: 3Jr
Ht: 6-7 Wt: 322 40: 5.47 Pos: T

Bio: Three year starter at left tackle who was an all-conference selection his first two years in the program.

Pos: King-sized offensive lineman with a tremendous amount of upside for the next level. Quick off the snap, moves well and displays adequate skill on the second level. Can slide laterally, stays with the action and works to finish blocks. Possesses a thick, powerful build, blocks with a wide base and stays square. Gets movement from run blocks, easily rides opponents from their angle of attack or engulfs defenders at the point. Gets great punch from his arms and works to bend his knees and play with leverage.

Neg: Overextends, late with his hands and bends at the waist. Does not block with balance, ducks his head and uses poor angles. Not overly alert nor does he show great wherewithal during the play. Weight is an issue and looks poorly conditioned, wearing down late in the game.

Analysis: The athleticism Dorsey possesses combined with his great natural size has made him a force on the college level three years running. Now must take his game to the next level and commit to improving the details of his position as well as staying in shape year round to reach his maximum playing capability. Good workouts prior to the draft could push him into the late part of round one.

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