Dorsey Wants To Find His Role

The Vikings got what many draft projectionists consider a steal in fourth-round pick Nat Dorsey. For his part, he is willing to do what it takes to get on the field.

Value in the NFL draft is where you find it. For new Vikings offensive lineman Nat Dorsey, it came a year earlier than most scouts think it should have and possibly two or three rounds later than it might have a year from now.

Dorsey, a three-year starter at left tackle at Georgia Tech, came out a year early in hopes of finding his career path early. Draft experts like ESPN's Mel Kiper had him going in the first handful of picks in the second round and most other draft projectionists had him entrenched somewhere in the second or third rounds. But, thanks to a deep crop at other positions, Dorsey fell to the fourth round.

"Things happen the way they do for a reason," Dorsey told VU. "I got picked here and I'm happy to be coming to the Vikings."

But Dorsey, who was recruited at GT by former Vikings defensive coordinator George O'Leary, isn't sure of his new role with the team. Dorsey was a full-time anchoring left tackle at GT, but, barring injury, the Vikings will be set there with Bryant McKinnie for the next decade. Right tackle is currently manned by Mike Rosenthal. Those things aren't Dorsey's biggest concern.

"I'll play left tackle or right tackle," Dorsey said. "If they want I'll play guard or center."

Dorsey understands that his role early on will be to learn from the veteran class of linemen on the team and grow into his role with the team.

"Anything it takes, I'll do," Dorsey said. "If it means sitting back and learning from the older guys, I'll do that."

And if he does, the Vikings will have picked up a fourth-round bargain in 2004 that might have been a first-rounder in 2005.

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