Rod Davis Scouting Report

Linebacker Rod Davis had all kinds of production in college, but what does TFY Draft Preview think of his potential in the NFL?

Name: Rod Davis School: Southern Mississippi Year: 5Sr
Ht: 6-2 Wt: 239 40: 4.75 Pos: ILB

Bio: Four-year starter who led the defense with 164/20/4 as a senior and again as a junior posting 168/23.5/10.5. Sophomore totals were 100/10/3.

Pos: Explosive run-defending linebacker best up the field. Seeks out the ball carrier, takes good angles to the play and snuffs out the run. Displays solid first-step quickness, and flies around the ball. Moves well in the box and always looking to get involved in the action.

Neg: Lacks lateral speed, body control and better going forward than in reverse. Takes a lot of extra steps, quick coming up the field and gets caught out of position. Lacks range and has minimal skills in pass defense.

Analysis: While one cannot discount the production of Davis in college, he is a limited area player only effective as a two-down defenders. He does offer a lot of intensity and should be good on special teams.

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