Mixon's Truck In Center Of Squabble

In what has degenerated in a "finder's keepers" argument, two small Twin Cities communities are fighting over the disposition of Kenny Mixon's confiscated sports utility vehicle -- each claiming it deserves to profit from the sale of the vehicle.

When Kenny Mixon was arrested with DWI last November, it wasn't just his freedom and his NFL career that were put in jeopardy. Under Minnesota state law, when a multiple offender is convicted, his or her vehicle can be confiscated and sold at auction.

In Mixon's case, it's a 2001 GMC Yukon Denali that has a blue book value of $30,000. That would defray a lot of costs, but the question now being raised is who should be able to benefit from the sale?

The issue was raised Wednesday when the South Lake Minnetonka's police force said it should be entitled to half of the proceeds from the sale. It was a South Lake Minnetonka police officer that pulled over Mixon in the first place last November. However, he was arrested in the town of Deephaven, which has city officials there saying the proceeds from the vehicle sale are theirs alone.

South Lake Minnetonka officials have asked that a Hennepin County judge rule on whether the proceeds from the sale should be divided equally or not. Deephaven officials were adament that all proceeds belong to them.

A ruling is expected later this month or in early June.

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