The New Superstars?

Vikings QB Daunte Culpepper is leaving this week to head to the Cayman Islands, as the NFL looks to revive the old "Superstars" program by having NFL stars compete in non-football related events.

Those who are sports fans old enough to remember "The Superstars" on ABC take away loving memories. From the Vikings and Steelers locked in a tug of war to Lurts in a God-awful Hawaiian shirt to Joe Frazier almost drowning in a swimming pool, the memories flood back.

The NFL apparently also remembers those days with fondness and wants them back. Starting this Thursday, Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper will be among the NFL stars participating in the Cayman Challenge, a slate of non-football events in the Cayman Islands.

Among the featured events include kayaking, yacht racing, a beach treasure dig, a closest-to-the-pin golf competition, a snorkeling treasure hunt and deep sea fishing.

The competition begins taping Thursday and runs through next Monday. The show is scheduled to run later this summer.

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