June 1 Cuts Coming

Former Viking Dale Carter became a salary cap casualty that the Vikings grabbed when he completed a drug suspension. In less than two weeks, a new class of pricey veterans will hit the final phase of the free agent market.

Salary cap hits are critical to how the NFL does business. The Vikings were able to sign Dale Carter (who signed a one-year deal with the Ravens Thursday) after being released for cap reasons by the Broncos. The same was true with Lance Johnstone and Greg Biekert.

On June 1, the final phase of free agency begins and, while the Vikings appear to have little interest in going after spendy veterans who will be released so teams can free up salary cap money to address their own problems, anything is possible.

With former MVPs like Kurt Warner hitting the market, there can be values had on the last round of free agency. With more money to spend than anyone else at this point, the Vikings will likely have their choice of players if they choose to sign them. Whether they do or not is another story.

But, then again, who would have thought the Vikings would have kicked up the money to sign Antoine Winfield? They had never done it before. The times are changing in that regard, so VU will keep an eye on the cap casualty crop, because you can bet the powers that be with the Vikings will be looking at them too.

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