Fuller Facing Felony Gun Charges

Former Viking Corey Fuller had additional charges, including felony possession of a handgun, added to charges stemming from a January arrest for gambling that could result in a suspension.

When Corey Fuller played for the Vikings, VU staffers agreed he was a talented player, but also agreed he wasn't going to be asked to join Mensa.

His lack of ideal intelligence came into play earlier this year when a shootout at his home resulted in Fuller being arrested for hosting high-stakes gambling nights. Despite making a solid NFL salary, especially when he was with the Browns, the current Ravens player decided playing host to No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em games was in his best interest. Now he faces jail time and a likely suspension from the league.

New charges were added over the weekend, including use of a firearm during the commission of a felony, which carries a maximum of five years in jail if convicted.

VU sends its best to Ravens coach Brian Billick, who saw Ray Lewis through a murder trial and now has to deal not only with Fuller, but charges that RB Jamal Lewis was the financier of a drug ring. And all Randy Moss did was bump a traffic control officer.

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