Vikings Start More Camps Tuesday

In the NFL, the season officially begins June 1. On that day, everyone from Daunte Culpepper to Kenechi Udeze will be on the field at Winter Park as the Vikings begin their series of developmental camps.

In the old days of the NFL, once a season ended, players and coaches didn't get back together until training camp opened up at the end of July.

Things have changed considerably since then. Thanks to collective bargaining agreements, teams have off-season workout programs that run for several months, a primary minicamp following the draft and as many as three developmental camps.

Looking to take advantage of that, the Vikings will use their full compliment of camps, starting this Tuesday.

The Vikings will conduct three developmental camps -- the first from June 1-4, followed by sessions June 7-10 and concluding with a three-day camp June 14-16.

Unlike previous years where only signed veterans and free agent rookies were allowed to participate, the Vikings are expecting everyone to be involved -- including the top unsigned rookies. The players have signed an insurance waiver with the team that, in the event of an injury during one of the camps, the Vikings will continue to negotiate contracts in good faith.

These camps will be the last time that the players will all be in pads and on the field together, joining the new players with the current roster, before the start of training camp. Expect to see the Vikings trying different player experiments, as the new blood gets its chance to make an impact. Considering how much teams like the Lions and Bears have looked to improve themselves this offseason, these camps could be critical to getting the early questions out of the way and getting on to the business of football.

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