Weather Could Dominate Camp

Despite three short developmental camps scheduled this month, the Vikings may find themselves at the mercy of a different opponent -- the weather.

Many players, coaches and media members have complained about Minnesota weather. From snow that can be on the ground for as long as five months to frigid cold, the state has received its share of knocks over the years.

But that is only supposed to be a problem in winter. In 2004, however, weather has become a front burner issue as it pertains to the Vikings and could have a huge impact on the team's series of developmental camps, which get underway today.

From the Vikings training headquarters at Winter Park to just about anywhere else in the state, May has brought record amounts of rainfall, with many areas having double or even triple the amount of average rainfall.

The result has been localized flooding in many areas and several areas having grounds saturated so badly residents have considered the early stages of ark construction.

While the Vikings were hoping to use the developmental camps to incorporate new players and new schemes into the picture, the weather may be the biggest obstacle the team faces.

The decision may have to be made to force practices inside or risk potential injuries on rain-slicked fields. Either way, the camps will get underway in a manner neither the coaches nor players want to see and the effects could carry on throughout the first week of practices.

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