Kelly Next To Go?

Since the signing of Antoine Winfield, things have changed in the Vikings' secondary. Word has come out that CB Eric Kelly is the latest d-back who wants out -- if given the chance.

In his short tenure as a head coach, Mike Tice has gone out of his way to let players who can't or won't start for him get their walking papers soon enough to hook on with another team. He did it with Denard Walker, Hunter Goodwin, Jack Brewer and Charles Stackhouse.

From the sound of some whispers heard Thursday, that may not be enough. VU has been told that the agent for CB Eric Kelly has contacted a Twin Cities media outlet to say that Kelly has been released.

Head coach Mike Tice said at the Vikings' charity golf tournament Thursday that Kelly was upset because Rushen Jones was given some reps ahead of Kelly on Tuesday. Tice said if Kelly does not want to compete for a job, then he needs to find another team, but there is a possibility Kelly will return for practice Monday morning after a weekend of contemplating his situation. Kelly was still on Thursday's updated roster.

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