Concern Over Daunte's Knee

While most of the top brass with the Vikings tried to downplay his injury, Daunte Culpepper told VU he injured his knee and other team sources said it may be more than that.

Watching Daunte Culpepper leave the Metrodome Sunday night was painful to watch -- much less to endure for Culpepper. To leave the Metrodome, he had to climb two flights of steps, which he took one at a time in obvious pain.

Following Sunday's loss, Culpepper was asked by VU what happened on the final drive, when it appeared his left knee locked. Culpepper said, "it felt weird" and "there was a lot of pain" but said he wasn't ready to come out of the game, since injuries are a part of life in the NFL.

The final drive, which ended in a field goal, saw Culpepper standing flat footed in the pocket, unable to pivot on the knee. Following the game, Vikings officials tried to downplay the injury, but it may be more serious than is being originally reported.

In the process of trying to get more information about the knee injury, VU was told their may also be a problem with Culpepper's hand or throwing arm. Many of his passes in the pregame warmup and during the game were errant, sailing high or behind receivers.

Dennis Green said there is no arm problem, but that isn't being confirmed. If the problems persist, expect to hear something later this week.

* The shine is officially off the rose for Randy Moss. After another lackluster performance, he was booed by home fans for the first time in his career and even got mock cheers when he caught a meaningless pass in the closing seconds.
* VU was told Red McCombs was irate following the game and that it could have an impact on Denny Green's future with the team if he doesn't see an improvement in the final six games.
* The Vikings didn't score a touchdown for the first time in 97 games, a streak that began, ironically, after a 14-6 home loss to the Bears in 1995.
* In two games this year, the Bears allowed the Vikings offense just one touchdown.
* Two Vikings were suited up but didn't see action on a single play Sunday night. One was backup quarterback Todd Bouman, the other was former starting safety Orlando Thomas.
* The defense is getting a little fed up with the hot and cold play of Moss on offense. Said one defensive player after the game, maybe it's time for the Vikings to jump on the defense's back to try to win games -- since it obviously isn't getting done consistently by the offense.

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