Moss Opens Up For TV Show

ESPN had the opportunity to show a more personal side of Randy Moss while featuring the lightning rod wide receiver in a new show with Snoop Dogg.

Most fans (and media for that matter) rarely get to see Randy Moss up close and personal. A moody, brooding type of player, Moss doesn't often open up and let fans see his fun, playful side.

Those fans are in for a treat, thanks to a new show on ESPN called "The Hookup." It chronicles athletes and other celebrities hanging out for a day and getting to know the players on a personal level.

Moss' hookup was with rap legend Snoop Dogg and, aside from Snoop pleading over the air with Vikings coach Mike Tice to give him a shot to play wide receiver for the Vikings, the content of the show was quite serious.

Moss and Snoop Dogg discussed going through the legal system – Moss was in court as a youngster over a fight that left a man in a coma, while Snoop Dogg was acquitted on murder charges stemming from a gang shooting.

While both Moss and Snoop fawned over each other's achievements, the show provided a rare glimpse into the off-the-field side of Moss and, if you missed its debut Tuesday, you can bet ESPN will re-run the show (how many times have we seen Chris Moneymaker bluff Sam Farhah out of a pot?). For Moss fans, it's must-see TV. Check your local listings for the next time the show will run.

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