Pro Scouting Report: Lane Danielsen

As an undrafted rookie wide receiver, Lane Danielsen has an uphill battle to make the team. Read an NFL scout's analysis of Danielsen, the same insight provided to teams before the draft, in the first in a series looking at Vikings rookies before training camp.

NFL Scout's Notes On Lane Danielsen:

Initial Quickness: Competitive quickness. Shows some thrust on his get-off.

Line Release: Physical. Strong enough to power through the jam. Not held up much.

Patterns: Runs a lot of underneath stuff. Will round his cuts some, but seems disciplined for the most part as a route runner.

Field Awareness: Shows awareness to down, distance, sideline and goal line. Gets his foot down in bounds.

Separation: He doesn't have the speed to run away from tight coverage. Has to set his man up, push and use fakes to separate.

Receive Short: Better vs. zone than man. Will sit down, slide and adjust to get open in time for QB to get him the ball.

Catch: Natural catcher. Reliable. Will use his body, but not as a crutch. Not many drops.

Reaction To Crowd: Tough, physical receiver. Will go over the middle and compete for the ball in a crowd. Will use his body as a shield.

Receive Deep: Doesn't have deep speed or finishing kick. Needs double move to separate and get deep. Can make over-the-shoulder catch.

Adjustment/Reaction To Ball: Can adjust to balls out of the framework of his body.

Run After Catch: Strong. Can break arm tackles. Has run instincts and gains extra yards after catch. Used some on end around and reverses.

Blocking: Aggressive blocker. Will pester and stay after people.

Personal Character: Described as a great kid. Personable. No off-field problems.

Football Character: Self-made player. Will do whatever it takes to get better. Have to hold him down in the weight room. Leader.

Athletic Ability: Good quickness and feet. Good agility and balance. Good change of direction and flexibility. Adequate acceleration.

Competitiveness: Highly competitive. Very focused. Aggressive blocker.

Mental Alertness: Academic All-Big 12. Learns football well and is instinctive.

Summary: Former walk-on and self-made player. Better against zone than man coverage. If he has to face a real hard corner who's going to walk up on him he's going to have some problems running away from tight coverage. Finds the open spots in zone. Will sit down, slide, stays alive. Natural hands. Has running instincts. Competitive son-of-a-gun. Would be a good complementary type if you've got speed to go with him. Fifth- to seventh-round pick.

Body description: Good size. Athletic physique. Not overly cutup, but some definition in upper. Tight waist and hips. Small bubble. Good thighs and calves.

Production: Most productive receiver on the team. Also contributes on special teams. Team leader.

Durability: Player's overall durability has been good during college career.

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