Mr. Irrelevant In Town

The Vikings thought Blake Elliott would be their Division III underdog receiver in training camp. With him gone for the year, a new local product has emerged as a possibility.

It's not a flattering term, but it's one that has built on a great history -- Mr. Irrelevant.

That is the name given to the last player selected in a draft during a given year. In 2003, that dubious honor went to wide receiver Ryan Hoag, who played his college ball in Minnesota at Gusatvus Adolphus College. He was the 262nd overall choice by the Raiders.

Things didn't work out for Hoag and the Raiders and now he's back on the open market...but perhaps not for long.

VU has been told that, as part of the post-minicamp evaluations, Hoag was brought to Winter Park Thursday and is expected back today. By the time he's done working out, the Vikings may offer him a contract as early as today or early next week.

With roster spots for Eric Kelly and Steve Farmer expected to open, Hoag may find himself back on an NFL roster -- this time without the Mr. Irrelevant tag attached to it.

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