Pro Scouting Report: Omar Jenkins

Undrafted rookie wide receiver Omar Jenkins has an uphill battle to make the team. Read an NFL scout's analysis of Jenkins, the same insight provided to teams before the draft.

NFL Scout's Notes On Omar Jenkins:

Initial Quickness: Adequate quickness in movement skills. A quicker than fast player.

Line Release: Adequate off the line. Lacks the burst and moves to get a quick or clean release.

Patterns: Adequate patterns. Will round off and shorten some patterns.

Field Awareness: Adequate awareness of where he is on the field. OK on sideline routes and on the chains.

Separation: Marginal at best to separate. Not fast enough vertically and adequate quickness horizontally.

Receive Short: Adequate short-area receiver, but still too many double catches and drops.

Catch: Adequate hands. Some body catches. Ball must be on target or in front to catch.

Reaction To Crowd: Marginal in traffic and not many tough catches on contact across the middle.

Receive Deep: Marginal at best to be a deep receiver. Lacks speed, separation and burst.

Adjustment/Reaction To Ball: Marginal to adjust. Ball must be on or in front. Does not show extension or reach.

Run After Catch: Marginal run after the catch. Lacks burst, speed, quickness to escape and lacks enough strength to break tackles.

Blocking: A good stalk and cut blocker. Better in space than on the line of scrimmage.

Second-Position Comments: Is on punt return but not as a returner. On punt block, kickoff return but not a returner, and kickoff team as a cover player.

Personal Character: Outstanding person. Good family who is supportive. Never any problems. Does all the right things. A very good program player. Can be vocal, but in a good way.

Football Character: Outstanding worker. Will do all the extras. Just keeps going. Will outwork anyone on the team in the weight room or on the field. Plays hard. Never misses. Group leader and leads by example. Very tough.

Athletic Ability: Adequate athlete. Not very fast. Marginal speed player. Some burst, but only adequate.

Competitiveness: Very tough. Will compete. Will play hurt and with pain. Usually a good blocker.

Mental Alertness: Smart. Understands his role. Knows all the receiver positions and routes from all formations.

Strength/Explosion: Good upper strength, needs better lower strength. Adequate explosion and burst. Plays stronger as a blocker than a receiver.

Summary: A quality person and a good program player, but lacks the speed and production. A decent possession receiver and mostly a slip screen, drag and short area receiver. Depends on screens and comeback to get separation. Lacks enough burst, speed and strength to break tackles to make many runs after the catch. A good blocker, able to stalk and cut block.

Body Description: Good structure overall. Good chest, shoulder, arms. Good bubble, thighs and calves with definition. Can add more and up to 5 or 10 more pounds.

Production: Has some marginal to adequate production as a receiver and good average per catch. Not real consistent or fast right now. Question will be his speed and ability to separate at the next level.

Durability: Has been durable.

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