Pro Scouting Report: Spencer Johnson

Undrafted rookie defensive lineman Spencer Johnson faces an uphill battle to make the team or the practice squad. Read an NFL scout's analysis of Johnson, the same insight provided to teams before the draft, stating his strengths and weaknesses.

NFL Scout's Notes On Spencer Johnson:

Initial Quickness: Adequate. Has adequate initial quickness off the ball to get upfield and get in gaps.

Insticts/Recognition: Adequate. Plays with adequate football instincts and awareness to locate and flow with ball in traffic.

Neutralize Double Team: Marginal. Struggles to hold his own vs. the double and can get pushed.

Defeat Block: Adequate. Doesn't use his hands well to get off blocks. Can get covered up.

Lateral Pursuit/Effort: Adequate. Had adequate change of direction to flatten down the line of scrimmage. Gives good effort to chase with adequate speed to close.

Tackling: Adequate. A strong tackler inside. Has some close to the ball to strike with some pop. Good wrap to secure.

Pass Rush: Marginal. Don't see him getting to quarterback much. Has success with bull rush to push pocket.

Use Of Hands: Marginal. Hands are not active. Will give his chest and get covered up.

Close On Quarterback: Adequate. Chases well and shows some small acceleration to close on the ball carrier.

Personal Character: Good. Country kid with a quiet personality. Is polite and responsible off the field and with school.

Football Character: Good. Signed as a linebacker out of high school. He's a hard worker in the weight room and on the practice field. Pushes himself. An example leader with a team attitude. Coachable kid that has passion for the game..

Competitiveness: Good. Plays with a high motor. Will chase the ball to the whistle. Has nice toughness.

Mental Alertness: Adequate. Has adequate football instincts and awareness. Shows some feel to locate and track the ball in traffic. Adequate test score. Learns with normal reps.

Strength/Explosion: Adequate. Has adequate strength to compete at the point of attack. Shows adequate quickness off the ball and accelerates in pursuit to close on the ball.

General Summary: Is a defensive tackle with adequate size, speed and he's a high effort player with adequate initial quickness to get upfield off the snap. He battles with adequate strength to compete at the point of attack but will get covered up and struggles to get off blocks at times. Overall, I see Spencer as a possible backup and team player in the league that has the intangibles to make it.

Body Description: Has wide upper body with thick overall muscle development. Thick lower body, good thighs.

Production: Tough kid. Plays with good effort but can disappear throughout games.

Durability: Good. Plays with good toughness, has strong frame.

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