Pro Scouting Report: Anthony Herrera

Undrafted rookie offensive linemen can be good candidates for the practice squad, and that could be Anthony Herrera's fate. Read an NFL scout's analysis of Herrera, the same insight provided to teams before the draft, stating his strengths and weaknesses.

NFL Scout's Notes On Anthony Herrera:

Initial Quickness: Has a quick first step off the ball. Gets into the defensive linemen quickly.

Explosion/Pop: Strong and has explosion off the ball. Gets movement and has hip roll into defender.

Position/Sustain: Outstanding on down blocks. Finishes. Has nastiness. Keeps his feet moving on contact. Good balance.

Run Block: Quick out of his stance. Aggressive and physical on the pull. Locates. Adequate body control.

Use Of Hands/Punch: Has strong hands. Gets hands inside. Strong punch. Will strike.

Foot Quickness/Slide: Adequate lateral slide. Did struggle with the quick inside move. Can slide and recover.

Personal Character: Abrasive personality. Suspended one game in 2002.

Football Character: Needs to improve work ethic. Will question authority. Will give players a hard time. Not a self-starter and not a captain.

Athletic Ability: Has tightness in the lower body and hamstrings. Is high when he pass blocks. Can slide his feet in space and has adequate balance when run blocking.

Competitiveness: Plays physical. Will sustain and finish his blocks. Has a nasty streak in his game.

Mental Alertness: Alert and aware on the field. Proposition 48 out of high school.

Strength/Explosion: Has a strong anchor vs. the bull rush. Good work ethic in weight room. Good cardio conditioning.

General Summary: A four-year starter. Versatile lineman that has played tackle and guard. See him as a guard on the next level. Powerful off the football. Excels as a run blocker. Plays low and keeps his feet moving on contact. Can get to the second level, where he keeps his balance and can root out a linebacker. On the pull he is OK out of his stance and can adjust on the move. Locates well and hits with good impact. Is a finisher that punishes the defender. In his play as a pass blocker, he is a little straight-legged; however, has outstanding ability to anchor down and hold his ground. Has limitations with his ability to slide his feet laterally and was beaten by a quick inside move. Best run-blocking and finishing. A tough physical competitor that plays snap to whistle.

Production: Powerful run blocker. Moves people. Nasty player that finishes his blocks. Physical and aggressive.

Durability: Has been durable. Will play with pain.

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