Red May Be Fourth In Line For LA

With the resurgence of rumors that Red McCombs may look to move the Vikings to Los Angeles, it could be quite possible that Red would be fourth in line to relocate a team to L.A.

There have been two differing schools of thought concerning threats by Red McCombs to move the Vikings to Los Angeles. One says he can buy out the remainder of the Vikings' Metrodome lease for $40 million and be in L.A. by 2008. The other says he's locked into the Metrodome until 2011. But, the bigger question is whether Red would even be at the front of the line in such a scenario.

VU has been told that the Vikings aren't at the top of the NFL's wish list for relocation. Apparently, that would be the Chargers. With young franchise players in LaDainian Tomlinson and Philip Rivers, the Chargers would be the most logical selection, since they would simply move up the coast, remain in the AFC West and keep the current geographical breakdown of the league intact. Two other options seem more likely to our league source, including the Saints and Colts.

The Saints may get first crack at the opening, since the lease at the Superdome expires next year. The Colts, who have already betrayed one city by moving in the middle of the night -- creating new rules for how franchises can relocate -- are also ahead of the Vikings.

So, if McCombs wants to move the Vikings to Los Angeles, he might not just be facing a potential lawsuit here in Minnesota and the likelihood of not getting the required number of "yes" votes. He may be too far back in the line for his number to come up in the L.A. lottery.

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